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12014A 3D Model for Mechanistic Control of Drug ReleaseFerreira, José Augusto ; Grassi, M. ; Gudin͂o, Elias ; Oliveira, Paula de articleopenAccess
22015An analogue of the Robinson-Schensted-Knuth correspondence and non-symmetric Cauchy kernels for truncated staircasesAzenhas, Olga ; Emami, Aram articleembargoedAccess
32014An extension of Markov’s TheoremBranquinho, Amílcar ; Fidalgo Prieto, Ulises ; Foulquié Moreno, Ana articleembargoedAccess
42015Analysis of adaptive forward-backward diffusion flows with applications in image processingPrasath, V. B. Surya ; Urbano, José Miguel ; Vorotnikov, Dmitry articleembargoedAccess
52013Analytical and Numerical Study of Diffusion through Biodegradable Viscoelastic MaterialsAzhdari, Ebrahim ; Ferreira, José Augusto ; Oliveira, Paula de ; Silva, Pascoal articleopenAccess
62013Analytical aspects of the Brownian motor effect in randomly flashing ratchetsVorotnikov, Dmitry articleembargoedAccess
711-Apr-2013A categorical invariant of flow equivalence of shiftsCosta, Alfredo ; Steinberg, Benjamin articleembargoedAccess
82013Computer-assisted bleeding detection in wireless capsule endoscopy imagesFigueiredo, Isabel N. ; Kumar, Sunil ; Leal, Carlos ; Figueiredo, Pedro N. articleembargoedAccess
92014Convergence of Trust-Region Methods Based on Probabilistic ModelsBandeira, A. S. ; Scheinberg, K. ; Vicente, Luís Nunes articleopenAccess
102016Cosymplectic p-spheresCappelletti-Montano, Beniamino ; De Nicola, Antonio ; Yudin, Ivan articleembargoedAccess
118-Dec-2014Covariant Lie derivatives and Frölicher-Nijenhuis bracket on Lie AlgebroidsDe Nicola, Antonio ; Yudin, Ivan articleopenAccess
122014Deformed Laguerre–Hahn orthogonal polynomials on the real lineBranquinho, Amílcar ; Rebocho, Maria das Neves articleembargoedAccess
132015Direct Search Based on Probabilistic DescentGratton, S. ; Royer, C. W. ; Vicente, Luís Nunes ; Zhang, Zaikun articleopenAccess
142014Dominant Shi regions with a fixed separating wall: bijective enumerationConflitti, Alessandro ; Mamede, Ricardo articleopenAccess
152013Drug delivery from an ocular implant into the vitreous chamber of the eyeAzhdari, Ebrahim ; Ferreira, José Augusto ; Oliveira, Paula de ; Silva, Pascoal articleopenAccess
1613-Nov-2013Examples of compact K-contact manifolds with no Sasakian metricCappelletti-Montano, Beniamino ; De Nicola, Antonio ; Marrero, Juan Carlos ; Yudin, Ivan articleopenAccess
172014Fourier methods for smooth distribution function estimationChacón, José E. ; Monfort, Pablo ; Tenreiro, Carlos articleembargoedAccess
182013From hypersymplectic structures to compatible pairs of tensors on a lie algebroidAntunes, Paulo ; Nunes da Costa, Joana Margarida articleembargoedAccess
192013Geometric Hamiltonian Formulation of a Variational Problem Depending on the Covariant AccelerationAbrunheiro, Lígia ; Camarinha, Margarida ; Clemente-Gallardo, Jesús articleopenAccess
202014Globally convergent DC trust-region methodsLe Thi, Hoai An ; Huynh, Van Ngai ; Dinh, Tao Pham ; Vaz, A. Ismael F. ; Vicente, Luís Nunes articleembargoedAccess