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120232D Geometric morphometrics of the first lower molar of the genus Meles Brisson, 1762 including new badger evidence from the Lower Pleistocene Quibas site (Murcia, Spain)Rosas, Antonio; Soler-Fajardo, Ana; Garcia-Tabernero, Antonio; Huguet, Rosa; Vallverdú, Josep; Fidalgo, Darío; Galli, Emilia; Piñero, Pedro; Agustí, Jordi; Valenciano, Alberto ; García-Martínez, Daniel articleopenAccess
22014A new forensic collection housed at the University of Coimbra, Portugal: The 21st century identified skeletal collectionFerreira, Maria Teresa ; Vicente, Ricardo ; Navega, David ; Gonçalves, David ; Curate, Francisco ; Cunha, Eugénia articleopenAccess
32023Abiotic Stress Responses and Microbe-Mediated Mitigation in PlantsMa, Ying articleopenAccess
430-Apr-2009Above-ground biomass and productivity in the Montado: From herbaceous to shrub dominated communitiesCastro, H. ; Freitas, H. articleopenAccess
52022Aboveground Biomass, Carbon Sequestration, and Yield of Pyrus pyrifolia under the Management of Organic Residues in the Subtropical Ecosystem of Southern Brazilda Silva, Lucas Jónatan Rodrigues; Souza, Tancredo ; Laurindo, Lídia Klestadt; Nascimento, Gislaine dos Santos; de Lucena, Edjane Oliveira; Freitas, Helena articleopenAccess
62017Absence of evidence or evidence of absence? A discussion on paleoepidemiology of neoplasms with contributions from two Portuguese human skeletal reference collections (19th–20th century)Marques, Carina ; Matos, Vítor ; Costa, Tiago ; Zink, Albert ; Cunha, Eugénia articleembargoedAccess
721-Sep-2018Accelerating Digitisation of Biological Collections for Fast Ecological Information RetrievalSantos, Joaquim Miguel Nunes dos masterThesisopenAccess
82023Acceptability and effectiveness of the "Education in Action-ABALL1" intervention program in primary school-aged childrenSilva, Isabel S. ; Cunha-Saraiva, Filipa ; Silvestre, Sandra articleopenAccess
912-Dec-2019Accumulation of pharmaceuticals in aquaculture matrices : from fish to algaeRosa, João Bruno Coutinho Queirós doctoralThesisopenAccess
102015Adjustment Capacity of Maritime Pine Cambial Activity in Drought-Prone EnvironmentsVieira, Joana ; Campelo, Filipe ; Rossi, Sergio ; Carvalho, Ana ; Freitas, Helena ; Nabais, Cristina articleopenAccess
1130-Mar-2022Adult Skeletal Age-at-Death Estimation through Deep Random Neural Networks: A New Method and Its Computational AnalysisNavega, David ; Costa, Ernesto ; Cunha, Eugénia articleopenAccess
122019Against the Environment. Problems in Society/Nature RelationsAldeia, João ; Alves, Fátima articleopenAccess
132013Age at death estimation using bone densitometry: Testing the Fernández Castillo and López Ruiz method in two documented skeletal samples from PortugalCurate, Francisco ; Albuquerque, Anabela ; Cunha, Eugénia M. articleopenAccess
142013Age estimation by pulp/tooth ratio in lateral and central incisors by peri-apical X-rayCameriere, R. ; Cunha, E. ; Wasterlain, S. N. ; De Luca, S. ; Sassaroli, E. ; Pagliara, F. ; Nuzzolese, E. ; Cingolani, M. ; Ferrante, L. articleembargoedAccess
152009Age-dependent responses of tree-ring growth and intra-annual density fluctuations of Pinus pinaster to Mediterranean climateVieira, Joana ; Campelo, Filipe ; Nabais, Cristina articleembargoedAccess
162021Aging the death: the importance of having better methods for age at death estimation of old individualsCunha, Eugénia articleopenAccess
172023Agroecology and invasive alien plants: A winner-take-all gameTataridas, Alexandros; Travlos, Ilias; Freitas, Helena articleopenAccess
1822-May-2018Alterações neurocognitivas associadas à epilepsia da infância com pontas centrotemporaisAraújo, Márcia Rita Ferreira masterThesisclosedAccess
1915-Oct-2023Amazonian earthworm biodiversity is heavily impacted by ancient and recent human disturbanceConrado, Ana C; Demetrio, Wilian C; Stanton, David W G; Bartz, Marie L. C. ; James, Samuel W; Santos, Alessandra; da Silva, Elodie; Ferreira, Talita; Acioli, Agno N S; Ferreira, Alexandre C; Maia, Lilianne S; Silva, Telma A C; Lavelle, Patrick; Velasquez, Elena; Tapia-Coral, Sandra C; Muniz, Aleksander W; Segalla, Rodrigo F; Decaëns, Thibaud; Nadolny, Herlon S; Peña-Venegas, Clara P; Pasini, Amarildo; de Oliveira Júnior, Raimundo C; Kille, Peter; Brown, George G; Cunha, Luís articleopenAccess
20Jun-2022An assessment of requirements in investments, new technologies and infrastructures to achieve the SDGsLeal Filho, Walter; Vidal, Diogo Guedes ; Chen, Chen; Petrova, Maria; Dinis, Maria Alzira Pimenta; Yang, Peter; Rogers, StevenarticleopenAccess