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2006Hepatic UDP-glucose 13C isotopomers from [U-13C]glucose: A simple analysis by 13C NMR of urinary menthol glucuronideMendes, Ana C.; Caldeira, M. Madalena; Silva, Cláudia; Burgess, Shawn C.; Merritt, Matthew E.; Gomes, Filipe; Barosa, Cristina; Delgado, Teresa C.; Franco, Fátima; Monteiro, Pedro; Providência, Luís; Jones, John G.article???browselist.access???
9-Jun-2016Shedding Light on Mitral StenosisJorge, Elisabete Sofia Azenha BalhaudoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
29-Nov-2016Under PressureBaptista, Rui Miguel Terenas LançadoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???