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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2017The Aesthetics of Politics and the Politics of Aesthetics in and After Cavell: Editorial CommentBranco, Sérgio Dias ; Khan, Amir articleopenAccess
2019The Class of Images: Sketch for a Research ProjectBranco, Sérgio Dias bookPartopenAccess
2016The Law of Capital: “The Measure of a Man”Branco, Sérgio Dias articleopenAccess
2008The Mosaic-Screen: Exploration and DefinitionBranco, Sérgio Dias articleopenAccess
2017The Past Tense of Our Selves: “Um Adeus Português” in 1980s PortugalBranco, Sérgio Dias articleopenAccess
2018The Urban and the Domestic: Spaces of American Film NoirBranco, Sérgio Dias bookPartopenAccess
2020The Work of Cinematic Art: Art as Work and Work as ArtBranco, Sérgio Dias articleopenAccess
2021Together in the Midst of War: Muslim and Christian Coexistence in Lebanese CinemaBranco, Sérgio Dias bookPartopenAccess
2019Tríptico ParajanovBranco, Sérgio Dias articleopenAccess
2020Uma Vida ConspiradaBranco, Sérgio Dias articleopenAccess
Jan-2019“O Visionamento e a Crítica de Séries de Televisão”Branco, Sérgio Dias otheropenAccess
2017Visualizar a Inferência: Motivos de Imagem nos Policiais Processuais da CBSBranco, Sérgio Dias bookPartopenAccess
2014Vídeos Musicais e Figuras AbstractasBranco, Sérgio Dias bookPartopenAccess