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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2020Cancellative conjugation semigroups and monoidsGarrão, Ana Paula; Martins-Ferreira, Nelson ; Raposo, Margarida; Sobral, Manuela articleembargoedAccess
2008Descent for compact 0-dimensional spacesJanelidze, George ; Sobral, Manuela preprintopenAccess
2003Descent for discrete (co)fibrationsSobral, Manuela preprintopenAccess
2005Descent for Priestley SpacesDias, Margarida ; Sobral, Manuela preprintopenAccess
2009Descent for regular epimorphisms in Barr exact Goursat categoriesJanelidze, George ; Sobral, Manuela preprintopenAccess
1999Finite preorders and topological descentJanelidze, George ; Sobral, Manuela preprintopenAccess
2000Finite preorders and topological descent II: étale descentJanelidze, George ; Sobral, Manuela preprintopenAccess
2008Ketotifen controlled release from cellulose acetate propionate and cellulose acetate butyrate membranesSobral, Manuela ; Sobral, Abílio ; Guthrie, J. ; Gil, M. articleopenAccess
2005Logic of implicationsAdámek, Jirí ; Sobral, Manuela ; Sousa, Lurdes preprintopenAccess
2007A logic of implications in algebra and coalgebraAdámek, Jirí ; Sobral, Manuela ; Sousa, Lurdes preprintopenAccess
2006Morita equivalence of many-sorted algebraic theoriesAdámek, Jirí ; Sobral, Manuela ; Sousa, Lurdes articleopenAccess
2010On categories with semidirect productsMartins-Ferreira, Nelson ; Sobral, Manuela preprintopenAccess
2001On functors which are lax epimorphismsAdámek, Jirí ; Bashir, Robert El ; Sobral, Manuela ; Velebil, Jirí preprintopenAccess
2017On some categorical-algebraic conditions in S-protomodular categoriesMartins-Ferreira, Nelson ; Montoli, Andrea ; Sobral, Manuela articleopenAccess
2020On the classification of Schreier extensions of monoids with non-abelian kernelMartins-Ferreira, Nelson ; Montoli, Andrea ; Patchkoria, Alex; Sobral, Manuela articleembargoedAccess
2008Profinite relational structuresJanelidze, George ; Sobral, Manuela preprintopenAccess
1997Reflective and Orthogonal Hulls.Sousa, Maria de Lurdes da Costa e doctoralThesisopenAccess
2014Schreier split epimorphisms between monoidsBourn, Dominique ; Martins-Ferreira, Nelson ; Montoli, Andrea ; Sobral, Manuela articleembargoedAccess
2013Semidirect products and crossed modules in monoids with operationsMartins-Ferreira, Nelson ; Montoli, Andrea ; Sobral, Manuela articleembargoedAccess
2014Semidirect Products and Split Short Five Lemma in Normal CategoriesMartins-Ferreira, Nelson ; Montoli, Andrea ; Sobral, Manuela articleembargoedAccess