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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
5-Oct-1999Interactions between Catanionic Vesicles and Oppositely Charged PolyelectrolytesPhase Behavior and Phase StructureMarques, Eduardo F. ; Regev, Oren ; Khan, Ali ; Miguel, Maria da Graça ; Lindman, Björn articleopenAccess
3-May-2007Interplay of Electrostatic and Hydrophobic Effects with Binding of Cationic Gemini Surfactants and a Conjugated Polyanion: Experimental and Molecular Modeling StudiesBurrows, Hugh D. ; Tapia, María J. ; Silva, Cláudia L. ; Pais, Alberto A. C. C. ; Fonseca, Sofia M. ; Pina, João ; Melo, J. Seixas de ; Wang, Yujie ; Marques, Eduardo F. ; Knaapila, Matti; Monkman, Andrew P. ; Garamus, Vasil M.; Pradhan, Swapna ; Scherf, Ullrich articleopenAccess
30-May-2000Liquid Crystals and Phase Equilibria Binary Bile Salt-Water SystemsMarques, Eduardo F. ; Edlund, Håkan ; Mesa, Camillo La ; Khan, Ali articleopenAccess
11-Jan-2007Mechanisms behind the Faceting of Catanionic Vesicles by Polycations: Chain Crystallization and SegregationAntunes, Filipe E. ; Brito, Rodrigo O. ; Marques, Eduardo F. ; Lindman, Björn ; Miguel, Maria articleopenAccess
31-Oct-2000Micelles, Dispersions, and Liquid Crystals in the Catanionic Mixture Bile Salt−Double-Chained Surfactant. The Bile Salt-Rich AreaMarques, Eduardo F. ; Regev, Oren ; Edlund, Håkan ; Khan, Ali articleopenAccess
25-May-2004Network Formation of Catanionic Vesicles and Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolytes. Effect of Polymer Charge Density and Hydrophobic ModificationAntunes, Filipe E. ; Marques, Eduardo F. ; Gomes, Ricardo ; Thuresson, Krister ; Lindman, Björn ; Miguel, Maria G. articleopenAccess
19-Jan-1999Polymer-Induced Structural Effects on Catanionic VesiclesRegev, Oren ; Marques, Eduardo F. ; Khan, Ali articleopenAccess
2008Polymer-vesicle associationAntunes, Filipe E. ; Marques, Eduardo F. ; Miguel, Maria G. ; Lindman, Björn articleopenAccess
1999Synergism and polymorphism in mixed surfactant systemsKhan, Ali ; Marques, Eduardo F. articleopenAccess
27-Aug-1998Vesicle Formation and General Phase Behavior in the Catanionic Mixture SDS−DDAB−Water. The Anionic-Rich SideMarques, Eduardo F. ; Regev, Oren ; Khan, Ali ; Miguel, Maria da Graça ; Lindman, Björn articleopenAccess