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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
16-Feb-2007Melody detection in polyphonic audioPaiva, Rui Pedro Pinto de Carvalho e doctoralThesisopenAccess
2012MIREX 2012: Mood Classification Tasks SubmissionPanda, Renato ; Paiva, Rui Pedro conferenceObjectopenAccess
11-Oct-2018Monitoria de Arquiteturas de Micro-serviçosPina, Fábio Figueiredo masterThesisopenAccess
2011MOODetector: A Prototype Software Tool for Mood-based Playlist GenerationCardoso, Luís; Panda, Renato ; Paiva, Rui Pedro conferenceObjectopenAccess
2013Multi-Modal Music Emotion Recognition: A New Dataset, Methodology and Comparative AnalysisPanda, Renato Eduardo Silva ; Malheiro, Ricardo ; Rocha, Bruno ; Oliveira, António Pedro; Paiva, Rui Pedro conferenceObjectopenAccess
2012Music Emotion Classification: Analysis of a Classifier Ensemble ApproachPanda, Renato ; Paiva, Rui Pedro conferenceObjectopenAccess
17-Sep-2012Music Emotion Classification: Dataset Acquisition and Comparative AnalysisPanda, Renato ; Paiva, Rui Pedro conferenceObjectopenAccess
2013Music Emotion Recognition from Lyrics: A Comparative StudyMalheiro, Ricardo ; Panda, Renato ; Gomes, Paulo J. S. ; Paiva, Rui Pedro conferenceObjectopenAccess
2015Music Emotion Recognition with Standard and Melodic Audio FeaturesPanda, Renato ; Rocha, Bruno ; Paiva, Rui Pedro articleembargoedAccess
2013Music Emotion Recognition: The Importance of Melodic FeaturesRocha, Bruno ; Panda, Renato ; Paiva, Rui Pedro conferenceObjectopenAccess
2018Musical Texture and Expressivity Features for Music Emotion RecognitionPanda, Renato ; Malheiro, Ricardo ; Paiva, Rui Pedro conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020Novel Audio Features for Music Emotion RecognitionPanda, Renato ; Malheiro, Ricardo ; Paiva, Rui Pedro articleembargoedAccess
8-Jul-2019Observing and Controlling Performance in MicroservicesBento, André PascoalmasterThesisopenAccess
2004Quality prediction in pulp bleaching: application of a neuro-fuzzy systemPaiva, Rui Pedro ; Dourado, António ; Duarte, Belmiro articleopenAccess
17-Jul-2014Solução mobile georreferenciadaOliveira, Vasco Zorrinho de masterThesisopenAccess
7-Jul-2017Using Low Cost Embedded Systems for Lung Sounds Auscultation and AnalysisFernandes, João Tiago Márcia do Nascimento masterThesisopenAccess
13-May-2011Using Support Vector Machines for Automatic Mood Tracking in Audio MusicPanda, Renato ; Paiva, Rui Pedro conferenceObjectopenAccess
7-Sep-2015Uso de Bluetooth Smart e de aplicações móveis para melhorar a experiência de compra dentro de superfícies comerciaisAguiar, Joao Silva masterThesisopenAccess
13-Jul-2015UX ExpressJesus, Miguel Filipe Rodrigues de masterThesisopenAccess
2014Voluntary Cough Detection By Internal Sound AnalysisLúcio, Carlos Manuel Silva masterThesisopenAccess