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2023Characterization and Productivity of Alluvial Aquifers in Sustainability Oasis Areas: A Case Study of the Tata Watershed (Southeast Morocco)Echogdali, Fatima Zahra; Boutaleb, Said; El Ayady, Hasna; Aadraoui, Mohamed; Abdelrahman, Kamal; Bendarma, Amine; Ikirri, Mustapha; Abu-Alam, Tamer; Id-Belqas, Mouna; Abioui, Mohamed articleopenAccess
2023Spatial Mapping of Groundwater Potentiality Applying Geometric Average and Fractal Models: A Sustainable ApproachEchogdali, Fatima Zahra; Boutaleb, Said; Abioui, Mohamed ; Aadraoui, Mohamed; Bendarma, Amine; Kpan, Rosine Basseu; Ikirri, Mustapha; El Mekkaoui, Manal; Essoussi, Sara; El Ayady, Hasna; Abdelrahman, Kamal; Fnais, Mohammed S.articleopenAccess