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Jan-2014Assessing the impact of introduced cats on island biodiversity by combining dietary and movement analysisHervias, S. ; Oppel, S. ; Medina, F.M. ; Pipa, T. ; Diez, A. ; Ramos, J.A. ; Ruiz de Ybanez, R. ; Nogales, M. articleopenAccess
22-Mar-2023Assessing the Role of Lizards as Potential Pollinators of an Insular Plant Community and Its Intraspecific VariationRomero-Egea, Víctor; Robles, Cristina; Traveset, Anna ; Del Rio, Laura; Hervías-Parejo, Sandra articleopenAccess
2019Dispersal of fern spores by Galápagos finchesHervías-Parejo, Sandra ; Olesen, Jens M. ; Nogales, Manuel ; Traveset, Anna ; Heleno, Ruben articleopenAccess
2019Divergence in floral trait preferences between nonflower-specialized birds and insects on the GalápagosHervías-Parejo, Sandra ; Heleno, Ruben ; Nogales, Manuel ; Olesen, Jens M. ; Traveset, Anna articleopenAccess
Mar-2020Potential role of lava lizards as pollinators across the Galápagos IslandsHervías-Parejo, Sandra ; Nogales, Manuel ; Guzmán, Beatriz ; Trigo, María Del Mar ; Olesen, Jens M. ; Vargas, Pablo ; Heleno, Ruben ; Traveset, Anna articleopenAccess
Aug-2019Small size does not restrain frugivory and seed dispersal across the evolutionary radiation of Galápagos lava lizardsHervías-Parejo, Sandra ; Heleno, Ruben ; Rumeu, Beatriz ; Guzmán, Beatriz ; Vargas, Pablo ; Olesen, Jens M. ; Traveset, Anna ; Vera, Carlos; Benavides, Edgar; Nogales, Manuel articleopenAccess
25-Nov-2020Species functional traits and abundance as drivers of multiplex ecological networks: first empirical quantification of inter-layer edge weightsHervías-Parejo, S. ; Tur, C.; Heleno, R. ; Nogales, M. ; Timóteo, S. ; Traveset, A. articleopenAccess
2022Tripartite networks show that keystone species can multitaskTimóteo, Sérgio ; Albrecht, Jörg; Rumeu, Beatriz ; Norte, Ana C. ; Traveset, Anna ; Frost, Carol M.; Marchante, Elizabete ; López-Núñez, Francisco A. ; Peralta, Guadalupe; Memmott, Jane ; Olesen, Jens M. ; Costa, Jose M. ; da Silva, Luís P. ; Carvalheiro, Luísa G.; Correia, Marta ; Staab, Michael; Bluthgen, Nico ; Farwig, Nina; Hervías-Parejo, Sandra ; Mironov, Sergei; Echeverría, Susana Rodríguez ; Heleno, Ruben articleopenAccess