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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Sep-2001Implications of Sociopolitical Context for Career Services DeliverySantos, Eduardo J. R. ; Ferreira, Joaquim Armando ; Chaves, Anna articleopenAccess
2008Scaling the Information Load of Occupations: Preliminary Findings of the Fit Between Individual Capacities and Environmental DemandsHaase, Richard F. ; Ferreira, Joaquim Armando G. A. ; Santos, Eduardo J. R. ; Aguayo, Gina M. ; Fallon, Melissa M. articleopenAccess
Oct-2011Scaling the information processing demands of occupationsHaase, Richard F. ; Jome, LaRae M. ; Ferreira, Joaquim Armando ; Santos, Eduardo J. R. ; Connacher, Christopher C. ; Sendrowitz, Kerrin articleopenAccess