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2011Differences Between Victims of Bullying and Nonvictims on Levels of Paranoid Ideation and Persecutory Symptoms, the Presence of Aggressive Traits, the Display of Social Anxiety and the Recall of Childhood Abuse Experiences in a Portuguese Mixed Clinical SampleLopes, Barbara articleopenAccess
2013How do Non-clinical Paranoid Vs. Socially Anxious Individuals React to Failure Vs. Success? An Experimental InvestigationLopes, Barbara articleopenAccess
2014Inductions buffer nurses’ job stress, health and organizational commitmentKamau, Caroline ; Medisauskaite, Asta ; Lopes, Barbara articleopenAccess
2016A New Measure of General Trait Neuroticism about Body Signals and Worry Specific to Body Signals: The Body Signals Attention and Worry Scale (BSAWS)Lopes, Barbara ; Hui, Yu ; Hall, Jess articleopenAccess
12-Feb-2014Orientations can avert psychosocial risks to palliative staffKamau, Caroline ; Medisauskaite, Asta ; Lopes, Barbara articleopenAccess
31-Jul-2015Paranoia predicts out-group prejudice: preliminary experimental dataLopes, Barbara ; Jaspal, Rusi articleopenAccess
2011Paranóia e ansiedade social na população não clínica : dois fenómenos diferentes?Lopes, Barbara Cristina da Silva doctoralThesisopenAccess
3-Jan-2018Sexual abuse and HIV-risk behaviour among black and minority ethnic men who have sex with men in the UKJaspal, Rusi ; Lopes, Barbara ; Jamal, Zahra ; Paccoud, Ivana ; Sekhon, Parminder articleopenAccess
1-Dec-2013The Relationship between Childhood Experiences of Submissiveness, External shame and Paranoia in a Portuguese Student SampleLopes, Barbara ; Pinto-Gouveia, José articleopenAccess
2013The Role of Predisposition to Hallucinations on Non-Clinical Paranoid vs. Socially Anxious Individuals after Hearing Negative Affective-Laden Sounds: An Experimental InvestigationLopes, Barbara ; Pinto-Gouveia, José articleopenAccess
2017Who do you troll and Why: An investigation into the relationship between the Dark Triad Personalities and online trolling behaviours towards popular and less popular Facebook profilesLopes, Barbara ; Hui, Yu articleopenAccess