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May-2011Characterization of an energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence imaging system based on a Micropattern Gaseous DetectorSilva, A. L. M. ; Azevedo, C. D. R. ; Oliveira, C. A. B. ; Santos, J. M. F. dos ; Carvalho, M. L. ; Veloso, J. F. C. A. articleopenAccess
2013Micro-XRF for characterization of Moroccan glazed ceramics and Portuguese tilesGuilherme, A. ; Manso, M. ; Pessanha, S. ; Zegzouti, A. ; Elaatmani, M. ; Bendaoud, R. ; Coroado, J. ; Santos, J. M. F. dos ; Carvalho, M. L. articleopenAccess
2016Quantitative determinations and imaging in different structures of buried human bones from the XVIII-XIXth centuries by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence – Postmortem evaluationGuimarães, D. ; Dias, A. A. ; Carvalho, M. ; Carvalho, M. L. ; Santos, J.P. ; Henriques, F. R. ; Curate, F. ; Pessanha, S. articleembargoedAccess
May-2011X-ray fluorescence (conventional and 3D) and scanning electron microscopy for the investigation of Portuguese polychrome glazed ceramics: Advances in the knowledge of the manufacturing techniquesGuilherme, A. ; Coroado, J. ; Santos, J. M. F. dos ; Lühl, L. ; Wolff, T. ; Kanngießee, B. ; Carvalho, M. L. articleopenAccess