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28-Apr-2017Risk assessment of human pharmaceuticals in the Portuguese aquatic environmentPereira, André Monteiro Pais TeixeiradoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
9-Jun-2017Unravelling the role of ataxin-2 in the hypothalamus: a new player in metabolismSilva, Sara Matias CarmodoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
2-May-2017MicroRNAs targeting Ataxin-3 mRNA in Machado-Joseph disease: from pathogenesis to therapyCarmona, Vitor Manuel MartinsdoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
17-Feb-2017Delaying neurodegeneration through caloric restriction approaches: From mechanisms to molecular therapySantos, Janete Antónia da CunhadoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
19-Jan-2017Molecular characterization of Giardia lamblia from patients of a referral hospital of Rio de Janeiro/Brazil: application of multilocus genotyping to study the inter and intra-assemblage variationsFaria, Clarissa PérezdoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
9-Feb-2017Association of compound 48/80 with chitosan based nanoparticles: designing a novel prototypic delivery system for nasal vaccinationBento, Dulce Marisa FerreiradoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
24-Nov-2016Preparation and Pre-clinical Evaluation of New Pentacyclic TriterpenoidsMendes, Vanessa Isabel da SilvadoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
17-Jun-2017Efeito de nanopartículas com base em biopolímeros no aumento da permeabilidade de insulina através do epitélio intestinalMarques, Marlene Almeida LopesdoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
24-Aug-2016Unravelling novel mechanisms of horizontal transfer of class I integrons in bacteria. Implications for the dissemination of antibiotic resistanceDomingues, Sara Margarida dos SantosdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
24-Nov-2016Preparation and Preclinical Evaluation of New Triterpenoid CompoundsGonçalves, Bruno Miguel FerreiradoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
20-Jan-2017Mechanisms involved in diabetes-associated osteoarthritis: role of autophagyRibeiro, Maria Madalena Azevedo AlvesdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
17-Feb-2017Epigenetic regulation of non-coding RNAs in cancerFerreira, Humberto Jorge GomesdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
14-Jun-2016Fragaria vesca leaf as a source of bioactive phytochemicals - a focus on ellagitannins and their human microflora metabolitesLiberal, Joana Manuela TorresdoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
20-May-2016Regulation of Local Translation by BDNF: Effects on NMDA Receptor TraffickingAfonso, Pedro João MadeiradoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
9-May-2016Cymbopogon citratus and its polyphenols as potential phytotherapeutic products: an in vivo approachCosta, Gustavo Franco Ferreira dadoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
11-May-2016Development of a novel photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy of cancerRocha, Luís Gabriel BorgesdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
29-Mar-2016Development of novel pharmaceutical forms for oral administration of bioactive agentsBorges, Ana Filipa SilvadoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
1-Apr-2016The interplay of ascorbic acid, nitric oxide and nitrite in the brain and its role on the regulation of cerebral blood flow: an in vivo electrochemical studyFerreira, Nuno Ricardo EstevesdoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
18-May-2016The role of nitrite-derived nitric oxide in gastric physiology: biochemical mechanisms, molecular targets and the modulatory effect of red winePereira, Cassilda Maria LopesdoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
18-Feb-2016Adjuvant Nanocarriers for Hepatitis B Vaccine: Formulation Design and Mechanistic StudiesJesus, Sandra Cristina Campus dedoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
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