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Title: What Researchers are Currently Saying about Ontologies: A Review of Recent Web of Science Articles
Authors: Machado, Luís Miguel Oliveira 
Almeida, Maurício Barcellos
Souza, Renato Rocha
Keywords: Ontology; Definitions; Works; Articles
Issue Date: 8-Apr-2020
Publisher: Ergon Verlag
Serial title, monograph or event: Knowledge Organization
Volume: 47
Issue: 47
Place of publication or event: Baden-Baden (Germany)
Abstract: : Traditionally connected to philosophy, the term ontology is increasingly related to information systems areas. Some researchers consider the approaches of the two disciplinary contexts to be completely different. Others consider that, although different, they should talk to each other, as both seek to answer similar questions. With the extensive literature on this topic, we intend to contribute to the understanding of the use of the term ontology in current research and which references support this use. An exploratory study was developed with a mixed methodology and a sample collected from the Web of Science of articles published in 2018. The results show the current prevalence of computer science in studies related to ontology and also of Gruber's view suggesting ontology as kind of conceptualization, a dominant view in that field. Some researchers, particularly in the field of biomedicine, do not adhere to this dominant view but to another one that seems closer to ontological study in the philosophical context. The term ontology, in the context of information systems, appears to be consolidating with a meaning different from the original, presenting traces of the process of “metaphorization” in the transfer of the term between the two fields of study.
DOI: 10.5771/0943-7444-2020-3-199
Rights: embargoedAccess
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