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Title: Student's attittudes as a constraint factor of teacher's creativity towards inclusive settings
Authors: Potměšil, Miloň 
Reis, Carlos Francisco de Sousa 
Kunhartová, Monika 
Hanáková, Adéla 
Keywords: creativeness; handicapped person; educational programme
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Ediciones Universidad de Granada - ISBN: 978-84-338-5697-5
Serial title, monograph or event: Book of Papers da Conference on Enabling Teachers for Entrepreneurship Education (ENTENP2014)
Place of publication or event: Granada
Abstract: The presentation focus on an inclusive education programme for children and pupils with disabilities. The programme’s activities are directed to set up an adequate educational environment, whose conditions are described and evaluated. Particularly, the programme is designed to support creativity as a basic factor for developing teachers’ expected skills while working under an inclusive setting. The programme‘s target ( ) group where teenagers: from secondary schools and vocational schools. The subject will explore their attitudes and opinions about people with disabilities. An analysis of the educational programmes, which are publicly accessible, is carried out in order to describe the subjects´ orientation regarding the considered issues. We will also monitor differences between groups of students considering their provenance from graduation and non-graduation study programs. The resulting comparison of monitored items will primarily be used for the practical field as well as for further research. The study focused on a group of teenagers - secondary school students and apprentices. The subject of the investigation was their attitudes to and views of handicapped persons. The assumption of good orientation in the theme and clear attitudes, supported by analytical results of framework educational programmes, was not confirmed. One of the reasons of weak orientation of secondary school students in the issue was its absence in their curricula. The conclusion drawn on the basis of the research was also confirmed by analytical results of several school educational programmes, which are publicly accessible and mentioned later in this article. The presented research results point to a rather high level of empathy and emotional contribution of the teenagers to the concept of handicapped persons, but rather low information including skills. A positive factor that needs to be emphasized is that the adolescents themselves are aware of the absence of knowledge and require its inclusion in their lessons. The research did not confirm any difference between students and apprentices.
ISSN: 978-84-338-5697-5
Rights: openAccess
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