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Title: The semantics of (anti-)racism in the governance of non-Europeanness: an introduction
Authors: Rodríguez Maeso, Silvia
Araújo, Marta
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2017
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Abstract: This special issue presents theoretical discussions and empirical research developed within the international project TOLERACE, The Semantics of (Anti-)Racism and Tolerance in Europe: Public Bodies and Civil Society in Comparative Perspective (2010–13), funded under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme. In this introduction, we present our approach to the study of (anti-)racism in contemporary Europe as well as the key issues explored in the research, which point to a persistent discomfort about discussing racism and to questions of academic compliance in knowledge production.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1080/0031322X.2016.1270499
ISSN: 0031-322X
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