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2017Quantitative real-time PCR as a promising tool for the detection and quantification of leaf-associated fungal species – A proof-of-concept using Alatospora pulchellaFeckler, Alexander; Schrimpf, Anne; Bundschuh, Mirco; Bärlocher, Felix; Baudy, Patrick; Cornut, Julien; Schulz, Ralfarticle???browselist.access???
19-Sep-2014A 2D parallel diffusive wave model for floodplain inundation with variable time step (P-DWave)Leandro, J.; Chen, A. S.; Schumann, A.article???browselist.access???
15-Aug-2014Diversity of Bacteria Carried by Pinewood Nematode in USA and Phylogenetic Comparison with Isolates from Other CountriesProença, Diogo Neves; Fonseca, Luís; Powers, Thomas O.; Abrantes, Isabel M. O.; Morais, Paula V.article???browselist.access???
2014The importance of lizards and small mammals as reservoirs for Borrelia lusitaniae in PortugalNorte, A. C.; Silva, A. Alves da; Alves, J.; Silva, L. P. da; Núncio, M. S.; Escudero, R.; Anda, P.; Ramos, J. A.; Carvalho, I. Lopes dearticle???browselist.access???
2014Unrevealing the interactive effects of climate change and oil contamination on lab-simulated estuarine benthic communitiesCoelho, Francisco J. R. C.; Cleary, Daniel F. R.; Rocha, Rui J. M.; Calado, Ricardo; Castanheira, José M.; Rocha, Sílvia M.; Silva, Artur M. S.; Simões, Mário M. Q.; Oliveira, Vanessa; Lillebø, Ana; Almeida, Adelaide; Cunha, Ângela; Lopes, Isabel; Ribeiro, Rui; Moreira-Santos, Matilde; Marques, Catarina R.; Costa, Rodrigo; Pereira, Ruth; Gomes, Newton C. M.article???browselist.access???
Dec-2013The influence of cadmium contamination and salinity on the survival, growth and phytoremediation capacity of the saltmarsh plant Salicornia ramosissimaPedro, Carmen A.; Santos, Márcia S. S.; Ferreira, Susana M. F.; Gonçalves, Sílvia C.article???browselist.access???
Jan-2014Consumption and feeding preference of Echinogammarus marinus on two different algae: fucus vesiculosus and Ulva intestinalisMartins, Irene; Leite, Nuno; Constantino, Emanuelarticle???browselist.access???
Jan-2014Vegetational composition of the Early Cretaceous Chicalhão flora (Lusitanian Basin, western Portugal) based on palynological and mesofossil assemblagesMendes, Mário Miguel; Dinis, Jorge; Pais, João; Friis, Else Mariearticle???browselist.access???
Jan-2014Copper-driven avoidance and mortality in temperate and tropical tadpolesAraújo, Cristiano V. M.; Shinn, Cândida; Moreira-Santos, Matilde; Lopes, Isabel; Espíndola, Evaldo L. G.; Ribeiro, Ruiarticle???browselist.access???
Jan-2014Contaminated water, stream sediments and soils close to the abandoned Pinhal do Souto uranium mine, central PortugalNeiva, A. M. R.; Carvalho, P. C. S.; Antunes, I. M. H. R.; Silva, M. M. V. G.; Santos, A. C. T.; Pinto, M. M. S. Cabral; Cunha, P. P.article???browselist.access???
Jan-2011Ecological and morphological features of Amyloodinium ocellatum occurrences in cultivated gilthead seabream Sparus aurata L.; A case studyPereira, J. C.; Abrantes, I.; Martins, I.; Barata, J.; Frias, P.; Pereira, I.article???browselist.access???
Mar-2011Long-term changes in the production by estuarine macrobenthos affected by multiple stressorsDolbeth, M.; Cardoso, P. G.; Grilo, T. F.; Bordalo, M. D.; Raffaelli, D.; Pardal, M. A.article???browselist.access???
2010Pliensbachian (Early Jurassic) calcareous nannofossils from the Peniche section (Lusitanian Basin, Portugal): A clue for palaeoenvironmental reconstructionsReggiani, L.; Mattioli, E.; Pittet, B.; Duarte, L. V.; Oliveira, L. C. Veiga de; Comas-Rengifo, M. J.article???browselist.noaccess???
2012Can biogeochemistry aid in the palaeoenvironmental/early diagenesis reconstruction of the ˜187 Ma (Pliensbachian) organic-rich hemipelagic series of the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal)?Silva, Ricardo L.; Mendonça Filho, João G.; Silva, Frederico S. da; Duarte, Luís V.; Silva, Taís F.; Ferreira, Rui; Azerêdo, Ana C.article???browselist.access???
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