Title: Are discrete emotions goal-derived or taxonomic categories? A study based on Lexicon
Authors: Oliveira, Armando M. 
Teixeira, Marta 
Santos, Eduardo R. 
Fonseca, Isabel Barahona da 
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Psicologia e Educação. 2:2 (2003) 27-36
Abstract: Since the notion of typicality (graded structure) was first proposed,several of its possible determinants have been identified. Moreover, the distinction between common taxonomic categories and goal-derived categories has been paralleled with a suggested difference in their respective sources of typicality ("central tendency" and "ideal"). Building on this, previous studies using face materials have found evidence for a goal-derived nature of typicality in the domain of facial expressions of emotion. The work presented is partly aimed at assessing the generality of these conclusions by resorting to emotion-words (vs. faces). On the other part, it purports to highlight the relations of "ideals" and "central tendency" to intensity as a major dimension of both felt and expressed emotions. Outcomes found point to a linear relation between intensity ratings and "typicality-as-ideal" in all cases, and to a differentiated pattem of relations between both and "central tendency" (indexed on the basis of a multidimensional scaling measure), varying across emotion categories
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10316/12996
Rights: openAccess
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