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Title: Early Neolithic Ritual Funerary Behaviours in the Westernmost Regions of the Mediterranean
Authors: García Rivero, Daniel 
Taylor, Ruth 
Umbelino, Cláudia 
Cubas, Miriam
Barrera Cruz, María
Díaz Rodríguez, Manuel J.
Keywords: Neolithic; ritual; human skull; pottery jar; residue analysis
Issue Date: 2021
Project: PGC2018-096943-A-C22 FEDER/Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation – State Research Agency 
University of Seville (VI Plan Propio de Investigación y Transferencia, III Plan Propio de Docencia, Facultad de Geografía e Historia and Dpto. de Prehistoria y Arqueología) 
Research Centre for Anthropology and Health, University of Coimbra (UIDB/00283/2020). 
Serial title, monograph or event: Documenta Praehistorica
Volume: 48
Abstract: An intact archaeological context named Locus 1 has recently been discovered at Dehesilla Cave (southern Spain). The ritual funerary deposition consists of a complete pottery jar with part of a human calvarium over the mouth, and was occulted by large stone blocks. This paper offers a presentation of the new data provided mainly by the stratigraphic, osteological, pottery, lithic and radiocarbon analyses. A systematic review of the relevant evidence in the Iberian Peninsula during the Early Neolithic (c. 5600-4800 cal BC) provides a context for this finding and supports its interpretation with reference to several possible anthropological scenarios.
ISSN: 1854-2492
DOI: 10.4312/dp.48.8
Rights: openAccess
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