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Gaspar, Marisa
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Gaspar, Marisa da Costa
Gaspar, M. C.
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Marisa Gaspar is 32 years old, completed her integrated master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, in 2011 (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra) and her Ph.D. (Grant SFRH/BD/80307/2011 - FCT) in 2016, in the Pharmaceutical Technology specialty, at the same Faculty. The Ph.D. project was based on the development of antibiotic-loaded polymeric microspheres for pulmonary administration in Cystic Fibrosis infection. The work focused on the double-emulsion solvent evaporation and the spray drying methods for particles preparation, as well as distinct characterization methods and cytotoxicity, antibacterial and in vivo studies. In February 2017, she got a post-doctoral researcher position at the Chemical Process Engineering and Forest Products Research Centre (CIEPQPF), in the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Coimbra, Portugal. Research activities were included in the biorefinery approach, by using agro-forestry residues to obtain value-added products for insects control, but also for pharmaceutical applications. Some of the involved processes included supercritical fluid extraction and solid-phase microextraction. The development of microparticles for the controlled release of bioactive (volatile) compounds was also comprised. Currently, she is a researcher at the same centre and department and she is carrying out research activities in the same field.
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