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Miguel, Maria da Graça
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12001Applications and limitations of uranyl ion as a photophysical probeBurrows, Hugh D. ; Miguel, Maria da Graça articleopenAccess
22007The association of DNA and stable catanionic amino acid-based vesiclesRosa, Mónica ; Morán, María del Carmen ; Miguel, Maria da Graça ; Lindman, Björn articleopenAccess
32001Association of surfactants and polymers studied by luminescence techniquesMiguel, Maria da Graça articleopenAccess
42001The characterisation by luminescence spectroscopy of uranium(VI) incorporated into zeolites and aluminasAzenha, M. E. D. G. ; Miguel, Maria da Graça ; Formosinho, S. J. ; Burrows, H. D. articleopenAccess
52007DNA encapsulation by biocompatible catanionic vesiclesRosa, Mónica ; Miguel, Maria da Graça ; Lindman, Björn articleopenAccess
62001Probing solute distribution and acid-base behaviour in water-in-oil microemulsions by fluorescence techniquesMiguel, Maria da Graça ; Burrows, Hugh D. ; Pereira, M. Alice Escaroupa ; Varela, A. Paula articleopenAccess
72004Solution behaviour of lead(II) carboxylates in organic solventsBurrows, Hugh D. ; Miguel, Maria da Graça ; Pereira, Rui P. C. ; Proença, Nuno M. B. ; Cardoso, Sónia M.C. ; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C. ; Gil, M. Helena ; Brown, Wyn articleopenAccess
81-Sep-2008Using Lanthanides as Probes for Polyelectrolyte-Metal Ion Interactions. Hydration Changes on Binding of Trivalent Cations to Nucleotides and Nucleic AcidsCosta, Diana ; Ramos, M. Luísa ; Burrows, Hugh D. ; Tapia, M. José ; Miguel, Maria da Graça articleopenAccess