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de Almeida, J.-P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Mar-2015Atas das I Jornadas Lusófonas de Ciências e Tecnologias de Informação Geográficados Santos, José Gomes ; Fonte, Cidália ; Figueiredo, Rui Ferreira de ; Cardoso, Alberto ; Gonçalves, Gil ; de Almeida, J.-P. ; Baptista, Sara bookopenAccess
2Apr-2010A containment-first search algorithm for higher-order analysis of urban topologyde Almeida, J.-P. ; Morley, J. ; Dowman, I. conferenceObjectopenAccess
3Nov-2014Exploring CityEngine as a visualisation tool for 3D cadastreRibeiro, A. ; de Almeida, J.-P. ; Ellul, C. conferenceObjectopenAccess
4Jul-2007Graph theory in higher order topological analysis of urban scenesde Almeida, J.-P. ; Morley, J.G. ; Dowman, I.J. articleopenAccess
52007Graph theory in higher order topological analysis of urban scenesAlmeida, J. -P. de ; Morley, J. G. ; Dowman, I. J. articleopenAccess
625-Feb-2013A graph-based algorithm to define urban topology from unstructured geospatial datade Almeida, J.-P. ; Morley, J.G. ; Dowman, I.J. articleopenAccess
7Jul-2004A Graph-based Approach for Higher Order Gis Topological Analysisde Almeida, J.-P. ; Morley, J. ; Dowman, I. conferenceObjectopenAccess
8Apr-2005A Graph-based Technique for Higher Order Topological Data Structure Visualisationde Almeida, J.-P. ; Morley, J.G. ; Dowman, I.J. conferenceObjectopenAccess
9May-2016How volunteered geographic information can be integrated into emergency management practice? First lessons learned from an urban fire simulation in the city of Coimbrade Albuquerque, João Porto ; Fonte, C. ; de Almeida, J.-P. ; Cardoso, A. conferenceObjectopenAccess
10Oct-2016Initial Registration of 3D ParcelsDimopoulou, Efi ; Karki, S. ; Miodrag, R. ; de Almeida, J.-P. ; Griffith-Charles, C. ; Thompson, R. ; Ying, S. ; van Oosterom, P. conferenceObjectopenAccess
11Mar-2013Interactive multicriteria decision support system for spatial planning analysisAlçada-Almeida, L.; Coutinho-Rodrigues, J.; de Almeida, J.-P. articleopenAccess
12Jun-2011Modelling environmental impacts over urban areas and facilitiesde Almeida, J.-P. ; Coutinho-Rodrigues, J.articleopenAccess
13May-2017A platform to integrate crowdsourced, physical sensor and official geographic information to assist authorities in emergency responseFontes, D. ; Fonte, C. ; Cardoso, A. ; de Almeida, J.-P. ; Estima, J. conferenceObjectopenAccess
14Nov-2014The role of volunteered geographic information towards 3D cadastral systemsde Almeida, J.-P. ; Haklay, M. ; Ellul, C. ; Rodrigues-de-Carvalho, M. M. conferenceObjectopenAccess
15Oct-2016The Role of Volunteered Geographic Information towards 3D Property Cadastral Systems (2): A Purpose Driven Web Applicationde Almeida, J.-P. ; Ellul, C. ; Romano, R. ; Fonte, C. conferenceObjectopenAccess
166-Dec-2013TOWARDS A REAL ESTATE REGISTRY 3D MODEL IN PORTUGAL: SOME ILLUSTRATIVE CASE STUDIESde Almeida, J.-P. ; Ellul, C. ; Rodrigues-de-Carvalho, M. M. articleopenAccess