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Paixão, Maria Paula
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12013An exploratory approach to time perspective theory and researchOrtuño, Victor E. C. ; Gomes, Catarina V. M. ; Paixão, Maria Paula ; Janeiro, Isabel Nunes articleopenAccess
32017Career Adaptability, Employability, and Career Resilience in Managing TransitionsDuarte, Maria Eduarda; da Silva, José Tomás; Paixão, Maria Paula articleopenAccess
42016Instrumentalidade da matemática, interesse científico e realização a matemáticaSilva, José Tomás ; Paixão, Maria Paula ; Machado, Teresa Sousa ; Miguel, José Pacheco articleopenAccess
52013International Studies in Time PerspectivePaixão, Maria Paula ; Silva, José Tomás da ; Ortuño, Victor ; Cordeiro, Pedro articleopenAccess
62017INVENTÁRIO DE PERSPETIVA TEMPORAL DE ZIMBARDO (IPTZ)Ortuño, Victor ; Janeiro, Isabel ; Cordeiro, Pedro ; Paixão, Maria Paula ; Gamboa, Vítor articleopenAccess
72014Perspectives on Guidance and Counselling as Strategic Tools to Improve Lifelong Learning in PortugalPaixão, Maria Paula ; da Silva, José Tomás; Oliveira, Albertina L.articleopenAccess
82017Predicting of Academic Performance by Identity Styles and Self-efficacy Beliefs (Personal and Collective) in Iranian High School StudentsZarrin, Sohrab Abdi ; Paixão, Maria Paula ; Panahandeh, Abbas articleopenAccess
92016Os psicólogos e o processo de orientação (Psychologists and the guidance and counseling process)Taveira, Maria do Céu; Paixão, Maria Paula ; Gamboa, Vítor otheropenAccess
102017Qualitative and Quantitative Trends in the Assessment of Subjective TemporalityOrtuño, Victor E. C. ; Paixão, Maria Paula ; Janeiro, Isabel Nunes articleopenAccess
112013Satisfaction with life and college social integration: a time perspective multiple regression modelOrtuño, Victor E. C. ; Gomes, Catarina V. M. ; Vásquez, Alejandro ; Belo, Pedro ; Imaginário, Susana ; Paixão, Maria Paula ; Janeiro, Isabel Nunes articleopenAccess
122013The influence of future time perspective in career decision-making: the mediating role of work hopeAtanásio, Paula ; Paixão, Maria Paula ; Silva, José Tomás da articleopenAccess