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Chiaravalloti, Nancy D.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12014Are cognitive interventions for Multiple Sclerosis effective and feasible?Magalhães, R.; Alves, J. ; Thomas, R.E.; Chiaravalloti, N. ; Gonçalves, Óscar Filipe Coelho Neves ; Petrosyan, A.; Sampaio, A. articleopenAccess
22016Neuro-Ophthalmic Syndromes and Processing Speed in Multiple SclerosisCosta, Silvana L. ; Gonçalves, Óscar F. ; Chiaravalloti, Nancy D. ; DeLuca, John ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
32016Neuro-ophthalmic syndromes and processing speed in multiple sclerosisCosta, S.L.; Gonçalves, Óscar Filipe Coelho Neves ; Chiaravalloti, N. D. ; DeLuca, J.; Almeida, J. articleopenAccess
42015The Temporal Dynamics of Visual Processing in Multiple SclerosisCosta, Silvana Lopes ; Gonçalves, Oscar F. ; DeLuca, John ; Chiaravalloti, Nancy ; Chakravarthi, Ramakrishna ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess