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Aureliano, Manuel
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11-Jan-2017An EXAFS Approach to the Study of Polyoxometalate–Protein Interactions: The Case of Decavanadate–ActinMarques, M. Paula M. ; Gianolio, Diego ; Ramos, Susana ; Carvalho, Luís A. E. Batista de ; Aureliano, Manuel articleembargoedAccess
21-Jan-2016Characterization of decavanadate and decaniobate solutions by Raman spectroscopyAureliano, Manuel ; Ohlin, C. André ; Vieira, Michele O. ; Marques, M. Paula M. ; Casey, William H. ; Carvalho, Luís A. E. Batista de articleopenAccess
32012Decavanadate, decaniobate, tungstate and molybdate interactions with sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase: quercetin prevents cysteine oxidation by vanadate but does not reverse ATPase inhibitionFraqueza, Gil ; Carvalho, Luís A. E. Batista de ; Marques, M. Paula M. ; Maia, Luisa ; Ohlin, C. André ; Casey, William H. ; Aureliano, Manuel articleopenAccess
42012Functional and Structural Interactions of Nb, V, Mo and W Oxometalates with the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+-ATPase Reveal New Insights Into Inhibition Processes: a Combination of NMR, Raman, AA and EPR Spectroscopies with Kinetic StudiesFraqueza, G. ; Carvalho, L. A. E. Batista de ; Marques, M. P. M. ; Ohlin, C. A. ; Casey, W. H. ; Aureliano, M. articleopenAccess