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Marques, M. Paula M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12003Ab initio conformational study of caffeic acidVanBesien, E. ; Marques, M. P. M. articleopenAccess
21-Jan-2017Anomalous surface-enhanced Raman scattering of aromatic aldehydes and carboxylic acidsMachado, N. F. L. ; Marques, M. P. M. ; Batista de Carvalho, L. A. E. ; Castro, J. L.; Otero, J. C. articleembargoedAccess
31-Jan-2017Antiproliferative Activity of Olive Oil Phenolics against Human Melan oma Cellsde Carvalho, A. L.M. Batista; Caselli, F.; Rodrigues, V. ; Paiva-Martins, F.; Marques, M.P. M. articleembargoedAccess
42011Dietary chromones as antioxidant agents—the structural variableDias, M. M. ; Machado, N. F. L. ; Marques, M. P. M. articleopenAccess
52007Effect of the Metal Center on the Antitumor Activity of the Analogous Dinuclear Spermine Chelates (PdCl2)2(Spermine) and (PtCl2)2(Spermine)Soares, Ana ; Fiuza, Sonia ; Goncalves, M. ; Batista de Carvalho, Luis ; Marques, M. Paula ; Urbano, Ana articleopenAccess
62000Effects of Carvedilol on Isolated Heart Mitochondria: Evidence for a Protonophoretic MechanismOliveira, Paulo J. ; Marques, M.Paula M. ; Batista de Carvalho, Luís A.E.; Moreno, A.J.M.articleopenAccess
72006New insights on the anticancer properties of dietary polyphenolsFresco, P. ; Borges, F. ; Diniz, C. ; Marques, M. P. M. articleopenAccess
82005Structure–property studies on the antioxidant activity of flavonoids present in dietTeixeira, Susana ; Siquet, Christophe ; Alves, Carla ; Boal, Isabel ; Marques, M. Paula ; Borges, Fernanda ; Lima, José L.F.C. ; Reis, Salette articleopenAccess
91-Jan-2017Supramolecular adducts of native and permethylated β-cyclodextrins with (2,2′-dipyridylamine)chlorido(1,4,7-trithiacyclononane)ruthenium(II) chloride: solid-state and biological activity studiesBraga, Susana S. ; Marques, Joana ; Fernandes, José A. ; Paz, Filipe A. Almeida ; Marques, Mª Paula M. ; Santos, Teresa M. ; Silva, Artur M. S. articleembargoedAccess