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Laranjinha, João
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Laranjinha, João António Nave
Laranjinha, João
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João Laranjinha is professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal. He graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Coimbra) in 1984 and got a PhD in Biochemistry (University of Coimbra) in 1996. He did Postdoc studies with Enrique Cadenas in 1997-1998 at the Dept. Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology, University Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. His research is focused on the functional impact of nitric oxide in the brain as a neurometabolic regulator and as a mediator of neurovascular coupling with impact in aging and neurodegeneration. He is also interested in dietary nitrite-driven regulatory processes, encompassing the non-enzymatic production of nitric oxide along the nitrate:nitrite:NO pathway. He has been awarded several prizes, including the Science and Humanity award by The Oxygen Club of California and is member of the editorial board of major journals in his area of research, including Redox Biology, Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Free Radical Research and Biofactors. He has chaired the organizing and scientific committees of several international conferences, including the European (SFRRE 2007) and International (SFRRI 2018) meetings of the Society for Free Radical Research. He has been member of the council of the European Society for Neurochemistry and the European Society for Free Radical Research for several years and President of the Portuguese Biochemical Society (2014-18). Currently, he serves as member of the Advanced Courses Committee of FEBS and as the president of the General Assembly of the Portuguese Biochemical Society.
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120083,4-Dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC) modulates the toxicity induced by nitric oxide in PC-12 cells via mitochondrial dysfunctioningNunes, Carla ; Almeida, Leonor ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
2Sep-2015Ação de flavonoides na doença inflamatória intestinalJin, LuyiotheropenAccess
3Jun-2014Alzheimer: diabetes tipo 3?Almeida, Mariana Matos deotheropenAccess
42003Antioxidant protection of low density lipoprotein by procyanidins: structure/activity relationshipsPorto, Patrícia Andréia Leite da Silva ; Laranjinha, João António Nave ; Freitas, Victor Armando Pereira de articleopenAccess
55-Dec-2012Biological role of nitrite and nitric oxide in the stomach: from diet to protein tyrosine with implications for gastric physiologyRocha, Bárbara Silva doctoralThesisopenAccess
615-Jun-2013Biomimetic sensor based on hemin/carbon nanotubes/chitosan modified microelectrode for nitric oxide measurement in the brainSantos, Ricardo M. ; Rodrigues, Marcelo S. ; Laranjinha, João ; Barbosa, Rui M. articleopenAccess
71998Cholesteryl Ester Hydroperoxide Formation in Myoglobin-Catalyzed Low Density Lipoprotein Oxidation : Concerted Antioxidant Activity of Caffeic and p-Coumaric Acids with AscorbateVieira, Otília ; Laranjinha, João ; Madeira, Vítor ; Almeida, Leonor articleopenAccess
82000Citotoxicidade e sinalização em células endoteliais vasculares induzidas por lipoproteínas humanas (LDL) oxidadas: mecanismos de protecção por ácidos fenólicos da dietaVieira, Maria Otília Vitoriana doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
9Nov-2005Concentration Dynamics of Nitric Oxide in Rat Hippocampal SlicesLedo, Ana ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Cadenas, Enrique ; Gerhardt, Greg ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
1029-Nov-2005Concentration dynamics of nitric oxide in rat hippocampal subregions evoked by stimulation of the NMDA glutamate receptorLedo, Ana ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Gerhardt, Greg A. ; Cadenas, Enrique ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
112006Detecção electroquímica de óxido nítrico em fatias de hipocampo de rato com micoeléctrodos de fibra de carbonoFerreira, Nuno Ricardo Esteves masterThesisopenAccess
12Jul-2014Diabetes tipo 3: uma nova perspectiva sobre a doença de AlzheimerMarques, João Gabriel de OliveiraotheropenAccess
1315-Nov-2007Dinâmica de concentração do óxido nítrico produzido no hipocampo de rato por activação de receptores do glutamatoLedo, Ana Margarida da Cruz doctoralThesisopenAccess
1426-Sep-2008Diphenyl diselenide, a simple glutathione peroxidase mimetic, inhibits human LDL oxidation in vitroBem, Andreza Fabro de ; Farina, Marcelo ; Portella, Rafael de Lima ; Nogueira, Cristina Wayne ; Dinis, Teresa C. P. ; Laranjinha, João A. N. ; Almeida, Leonor M. ; Rocha, João Batista Teixeira articleopenAccess
15Sep-2015Doença de Alzheimer e resistência à insulinaTuca, OctavianotheropenAccess
162005Electrochemical measurement of endogenously produced nitric oxide in brain slices using Nafion/o-phenylenediamine modified carbon fiber microelectrodesFerreira, Nuno R. ; Ledo, Ana ; Frade, João G. ; Gerhardt, Greg A. ; Laranjinha, João ; Barbosa, Rui M. articleopenAccess
17Aug-2021A High Fat/Cholesterol Diet Recapitulates Some Alzheimer's Disease-Like Features in Mice: Focus on Hippocampal Mitochondrial DysfunctionMancini, Gianni; Dias, Cândida; Lourenço, Cátia F. ; Laranjinha, João ; Bem, Andreza de; Ledo, Ana articleopenAccess
182013High-Resolution Respirometry for Metabolic Profiling of Acute Rat Hippocampal SlicesHenriques, Tiago André Ferreira masterThesisopenAccess
19Dec-2013Human colon adenocarcinoma HT-29 cell: electrochemistry and nicotine stimulationOliveira, S. C. B. ; Santarino, I. B. ; Enache, T. A. ; Nunes, C. ; Laranjinha, J. ; Barbosa, R. M. ; Brett, A. M. Oliveira articleopenAccess
202000Inhibition of human LDL lipid peroxidation by phenol-rich beverages and their impact on plasma total antioxidant capacity in humansSerafini, Mauro ; Laranjinha, João A. N. ; Almeida, Leonor M. ; Maiani, G. articleopenAccess
2124-Sep-2018Innovative pathways underlying the etiology and the therapeutics via modulation of the gut microbiotaRibeiro, Ricardo Manuel EstevesmasterThesisopenAccess
2225-Sep-2020Internship report and thesis entitled “Diet, microbiota and epigenetics – a dynamic and adjustable triade to explore new treatment approaches”Reva, KaterinamasterThesisopenAccess
2328-May-2008LDL Isolated from Plasma-Loaded Red Wine Procyanidins Resist Lipid Oxidation and Tocopherol DepletionLourenço, Cátia F. ; Gago, Bruno ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Freitas, Víctor de ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
2426-Sep-2017O microbiota e o ser humanoQueiroz, João Pedro Nunes masterThesisopenAccess
256-Nov-2017Microbiota-host interactions during antibiotic therapy: unveiling novel redox signaling pathways with impact on gut homeostasisRocha, Bárbara Silva masterThesisclosedAccess
262004Nitric oxide in brain: diffusion, targets and concentration dynamics in hippocampal subregionsLedo, Ana ; Frade, João ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
272012Nitric oxide mediates neurovascular coupling in the brain effect of polyphenols in animal models of Alzheimer's diseaseFonseca, Ana rita de Jesus Alves da masterThesisopenAccess
28Sep-2016Nutrigenómica e qualidade de vida : funções e eficácia de moduladores de NRF2 presentes em suplementos da dietaOliveira, Luís Francisco Lourenço Vaz deotheropenAccess
29Jul-2014Obesidade e diabetes: o papel das citocinas do tecido adiposoMoura, Pedro Miguel Cruz HenriquesotheropenAccess
302002Oxidation of DOPAC by nitric oxide: effect of superoxide dismutaseLaranjinha, João ; Cadenas, Enrique articleopenAccess
3126-Jun-2019Pathophysiology of Doxorubicin Cardiotoxicity: From Mitochondrial Homeostasis to Biological ClocksFerreira, Luciana Carolina LopesdoctoralThesisembargoedAccess
322008The potent vasodilator ethyl nitrite is formed upon reaction of nitrite and ethanol under gastric conditionsGago, Bruno ; Nyström, Thomas ; Cavaleiro, Carlos ; Rocha, Bárbara S. ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João ; Lundberg, Jon O. articleopenAccess
331996Pressão oxidativa em lipoproteínas humanas de baixa densidade (LDL): Mecanismos de antioxidação por ácidos fenólicos da dietaLaranjinha, João António Nave doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
34Dec-1996Rapid isolation of low density lipoproteins in a concentrated fraction free from water-soluble plasma antioxidantsVieira, Otília V. ; Laranjinha, João A. ; Madeira, Vítor M. ; Almeida, Leonor M. articleopenAccess
3515-Sep-2008Real-time change of nitric oxide in rat hippocampal slices and astrocytic glutathione release via glutamate-dependent pathwaysFrade, João Gonçalo Leal de Oliveira e Silva doctoralThesisopenAccess
362007Red wine-dependent reduction of nitrite to nitric oxide in the stomachGago, Bruno ; Lundberg, Jon O. ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
371999Redox Cycles of Caffeic Acid, alpha-Tocopherol, and Ascorbate: Implications for Protection of Low-Density Lipoproteins Against OxidationLaranjinha, João ; Cadenas, Enrique articleopenAccess
382005Redox interactions of nitric oxide with dopamine and its derivativesAntunes, Fernando ; Nunes, Carla ; Laranjinha, João ; Cadenas, Enrique articleopenAccess
393-Oct-2017Relatório de estágio e monografia intitulada :"mecanismos epigenéticos na formação de memória e capacidades cognitivas"Brazão, João António Lima de Andrade CondemasterThesisopenAccess
4014-Sep-2018Relatórios de Estágio e Monografia intitulada “Novas Estratégias Biomédicas: Modulação do Epigenoma e Terapia do Cancro"Arrais, Débora Gomes masterThesisopenAccess
413-Oct-2017Relatórios de Estágio e Monografia intitulada “O Parkinson, a Microbiota Intestinal e a Epigenética”Silva, Miguel Pereira da masterThesisopenAccess
42Feb-2013Self-mixing microprobe for monitoring microvascular perfusion in rat brainFigueiras, Edite ; Oliveira, Ricardo ; Lourenço, Cátia F. ; Campos, Rita ; Humeau-Heurtier, Anne ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João ; Requicha Ferreira, Luís F. ; de Mul, Frits F M articleopenAccess
43Jul-2016Síndrome metabólico e dieta vegetariana: relação benéfica, deletéria ou irrelevante?Lijnzaat, Pedro de AzevedootheropenAccess
44Jul-2016The human microbiome: a fine line between symbiosis and pathogenesisGonçalves, João Miguel da SilvaotheropenAccess
451-Apr-2016The interplay of ascorbic acid, nitric oxide and nitrite in the brain and its role on the regulation of cerebral blood flow: an in vivo electrochemical studyFerreira, Nuno Ricardo Esteves doctoralThesisopenAccess
46Sep-2016The long and winding road of STAT3 in the mitochondriaRamos, Carlos Eduardo Cardanho dosotheropenAccess
47Jul-2016The pathogenesis of Parkinson Disease : the microbiota-gut-brain axisFernandes, Ana Rita CardosootheropenAccess
4818-May-2016The role of nitrite-derived nitric oxide in gastric physiology: biochemical mechanisms, molecular targets and the modulatory effect of red winePereira, Cassilda Maria Lopes doctoralThesisopenAccess
492011The role of polyphenols and reactive nitrogen species in inflammatory conditions of the gastrointestinal tract|Ferreira, Elisabete Priscila Pinto masterThesisopenAccess
5018-Jan-2013Unravelling New Roles for SIRT1 in Mitochondrial BiollogyGomes, Ana Patrícia da Silva doctoralThesisopenAccess