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Soares, G.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12000Comparing the performance of mobile agent systems: a study of benchmarkingSilva, L. M. ; Soares, G. ; Martins, P. ; Batista, V. ; Santos, L. articleopenAccess
22005Inequalities for J-Hermitian matricesBebiano, N. ; Nakazato, H. ; Providência, J. da ; Lemos, R. ; Soares, G. articleopenAccess
32003On generalized numerical ranges of operators on an indefinite inner product spaceBebiano, N. ; Lemos, R. ; Providência, J. da ; Soares, G. preprintopenAccess
42005On the geometry of numerical ranges in spaces with an indefinite inner productBebiano, N. ; Lemos, R. ; Providência, J. da ; Soares, G. articleopenAccess
52005Three observations on the determinantal rangeBebiano, N. ; Soares, G. articleopenAccess