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Patachia, Sílvia
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12006Effect of different electrolytes on the swelling properties of calyx[4]pyrrole-containing polyacrylamide membranesValente, Artur J. M. ; Sobral, Abílio J. F. N. ; Jiménez, Alfonso ; Patachia, Sílvia ; Oliveira, Ana R. C. B. ; Lobo, Victor M. M. articleopenAccess
22007Effect of non-associated electrolyte solutions on the behaviour of poly(vinyl alcohol)-based hydrogelsPatachia, Sílvia ; Valente, Artur J. M. ; Baciu, Claudia articleopenAccess
31-Jan-2008PVA−DNA Cryogel Membranes: Characterization, Swelling, and Transport StudiesPapancea, Adina ; Valente, Artur J. M. ; Patachia, Sílvia ; Miguel, Maria G. ; Lindman, Björn articleopenAccess