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Branco, Sérgio Dias
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Subject:  Film studies

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12021Cinema TransformedBranco, Sérgio Dias articleopenAccess
22013Darkened Spaces: The Urban and the Domestic in American Film NoirBranco, Sérgio Dias bookPartopenAccess
32010EditorialBranco, Sérgio Dias ; Silveirinha Castello Branco, Patrícia ; Viegas, SusanaarticleopenAccess
42013Editorial: Cinema, Religion, and Their Philosophical ThinkingBranco, Sérgio Dias articleopenAccess
52016Editorial: Film Through Marx, Our ContemporaryBranco, Sérgio Dias ; Wayne, Michael articleopenAccess
62013Film/Religion: A Conversation with P. Adams SitneyBranco, Sérgio Dias ; Sitney, P. AdamsarticleopenAccess
72012Screened Signs of Grace: André Bazin’s “Cinema and Theology” and the Sacramental Facet of FilmBranco, Sérgio Dias bookPartopenAccess
82019The Class of Images: Sketch for a Research ProjectBranco, Sérgio Dias bookPartopenAccess
92016The Law of Capital: “The Measure of a Man”Branco, Sérgio Dias articleopenAccess
102020The Work of Cinematic Art: Art as Work and Work as ArtBranco, Sérgio Dias articleopenAccess
112021Together in the Midst of War: Muslim and Christian Coexistence in Lebanese CinemaBranco, Sérgio Dias bookPartopenAccess