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Ramalho, J. P. Prates
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12008Effects of fluorescent probe NBD-PC on the structure, dynamics and phase transition of DPPC. A molecular dynamics and differential scanning calorimetry studyLoura, Luís M. S. ; Fernandes, Fábio ; Fernandes, A. C. ; Ramalho, J. P. Prates articleopenAccess
227-Jun-2011Recent Developments in Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Fluorescent Membrane ProbesLoura, Luís M. S. ; Ramalho, J. P. Prates articleopenAccess
32008T-20 and T-1249 HIV fusion inhibitors' structure and conformation in solution: a molecular dynamics studyCanto, António M. T. Martins do ; Carvalho, A. J. Palace ; Ramalho, J. P. Prates ; Loura, Luís M. S. articleopenAccess