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Tapia, María José
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
111-Jul-2002Cation Association with Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Micelles As Seen by Lanthanide LuminescenceTapia, María José ; Burrows, Hugh D. ; Azenha, M. Emília D. G. ; Miguel, M. da Graça ; Pais, A. A. C. C. ; Sarraguça, J. M. G. articleopenAccess
25-Mar-2002Cation Polyelectrolyte Interactions in Aqueous Sodium Poly(vinyl sulfonate) as Seen by Ce3+ to Tb3+ Energy TransferTapia, María José ; Burrows, Hugh D. articleopenAccess
32007Interactions between hairy rod anionic conjugated polyelectrolytes and nonionic alkyloxyethylene surfactants in aqueous solution: Observations from cloud point behaviourFonseca, Sofia M. ; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda ; Castro, Ricardo ; Burrows, Hugh D. ; Tapia, Maria José ; Olsson, Ulf articleopenAccess
420-Aug-2002Lanthanide Ion Binding in AOT/Water/Isooctane MicroemulsionsBurrows, Hugh D. ; Tapia, Maria José articleopenAccess
59-Jun-2020Luminescent Properties of Lanthanoid-Poly(Sodium Acrylate) Composites: Insights on the Interaction MechanismMatsushita, Alan F Y; Tapia, María José ; Pais, Alberto António Caria Canelas ; Valente, Artur José Monteiro articleopenAccess