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Dąbrowski, Janusz M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
116-Apr-2020Enhanced Cellular Uptake and Photodynamic Effect with Amphiphilic Fluorinated Porphyrins: The Role of Sulfoester Groups and the Nature of Reactive Oxygen SpeciesPucelik, Barbara; Sułek, Adam; Drozd, Agnieszka; Stochel, Grażyna ; Pereira, Marietta M. ; Pinto, Sara Martinho Almeida ; Moreira, Luís Guilherme da Silva Arnaut ; Dąbrowski, Janusz M. articleopenAccess
2Aug-2014The role of strong hypoxia in tumors after treatment in the outcome of bacteriochlorin-based photodynamic therapyKrzykawska-Serda, Martyna ; Dąbrowski, Janusz M. ; Arnaut, Luis G. ; Szczygieł, Małgorzata ; Urbańska, Krystyna ; Stochel, Grażyna ; Elas, Martyna articleopenAccess