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Stadler, Georg
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12006Elliptic optimal control problems with L1-control cost and applications for the placement of control devicesStadler, Georg preprintopenAccess
22007Frictional contact of an anisotropic piezoelectric plateFigueiredo, Isabel N. ; Stadler, Georg preprintopenAccess
32006Optimal control of piezoelectric anisotropic platesFigueiredo, Isabel Narra ; Stadler, Georg preprintopenAccess
42007Path-following and augmented Lagrangian methods for contact problems in linear elasticityStadler, Georg articleopenAccess
52006A practical map labeling algorithm utilizing image processing and force-directed methodsStadler, Georg ; Steiner, Tibor ; Beiglböck, Jürgen preprintopenAccess
62006A primal-dual active set algorithm for three-dimensional contact problems with Coulomb frictionHüeber, Stefan ; Stadler, Georg ; Wohlmuth, Barbara I. preprintopenAccess