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Marques, M.P.M.
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Catarro, Maria Paula Matos Marques
Marques, Maria Paula M.
Marques, M. Paula M.
Marques, Maria P. M.
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Subject:  Antineoplastic Agents

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12003Anticancer Activity of Phenolic Acids of Natural or Synthetic Origin:  A Structure−Activity StudyGomes, Catarina A. ; Cruz, Teresa Girão da ; Andrade, José L. ; Milhazes, Nuno ; Borges, Fernanda ; Marques, M. Paula M. articleopenAccess
22008Antioxidant Versus Cytotoxic Properties of Hydroxycinnamic Acid Derivatives – A New Paradigm in Phenolic ResearchEsteves, Mário ; Siquet, Christophe ; Gaspar, Alexandra ; Rio, Vitor ; Sousa, Joana B. ; Reis, Salette ; Marques, Maria P. M. ; Borges, Fernanda articleopenAccess
32011Biologic Activity of a Dinuclear Pd(II)-Spermine Complex Toward Human Breast CancerFiuza, Sónia M. ; Holy, Jon ; Carvalho, Luís A. E. Batista de ; Marques, Maria P. M. articleopenAccess
42007Biological activity of antitumoural MGBG: the structural variableMarques, M. P. M. ; Gil, F. P. S. C. ; Calheiros, R. ; Battaglia, V. ; Brunati, A. M. ; Agostinelli, E. ; Toninello, A. articleopenAccess
51-Jan-2014Carriers for metal complexes on tumour cells: the effect of cyclodextrins vs CNTs on the model guest phenanthroline-5,6-dione trithiacyclononane ruthenium(II) chlorideBraga, Susana S. ; Marques, Joana ; Heister, Elena ; Diogo, Cátia V. ; Oliveira, Paulo J. ; Paz, Filipe A. Almeida ; Santos, Teresa M. ; Marques, Maria Paula M. articleopenAccess
62010Conformational and vibrational study of cis-diamminedichloropalladium(ii)Fiuza, Sónia M. ; Amado, Ana M. ; Santos, Hélio F. Dos ; Marques, Maria P. M. ; Carvalho, Luis A. E. Batista de articleopenAccess
72007Conformational and vibrational study of platinum(II) anticancer drugs: cis-diamminedichloroplatinum (II) as a case studyAmado, Ana M. ; Fiuza, Sónia M. ; Marques, Maria P. M. ; Carvalho, Luís A. E. Batista de articleopenAccess
82009A glycine ruthenium trithiacyclononane complex and its molecular encapsulation using cyclodextrinsMarques, Joana ; Santos, Teresa M. ; Marques, Maria Paula ; Braga, Susana S. articleopenAccess
92010Helianthus tuberosus and polyamine research: Past and recent applications of a classical growth modelTassoni, Annalisa ; Bagni, Nello ; Ferri, Maura ; Franceschetti, Marina ; Khomutov, Alex ; Marques, Maria Paula ; Fiuza, Sónia M. ; Simonian, Alina R. ; Serafini-Fracassini, Donatella articleopenAccess
101-Jan-2013Increased breast cancer cell toxicity by palladination of the polyamine analogue N 1,N 11-bis(ethyl)norspermineSilva, Tania M. ; Fiuza, Sónia M. ; Marques, Maria P. M. ; Persson, Lo ; Oredsson, Stina articleopenAccess
112011Inelastic Neutron Scattering Study of PtII Complexes Displaying Anticancer PropertiesCarvalho, Luís A. E. Batista de ; Marques, M. Paula M. ; Martin, Christine ; Parker, Stewart F. ; Tomkinson, John articleopenAccess
122011Lipophilic Caffeic and Ferulic Acid Derivatives Presenting Cytotoxicity against Human Breast Cancer CellsSerafim, Teresa L. ; Carvalho, Filipa S. ; Marques, Maria P. M. ; Calheiros, Rita ; Silva, Tiago ; Garrido, Jorge ; Milhazes, Nuno ; Borges, Fernanda ; Roleira, Fernanda ; Silva, Elisiário T. ; Holy, Jon ; Oliveira, Paulo J. articleopenAccess
131-Jan-2014Metabolic Markers of MG-63 Osteosarcoma Cell Line Response to Doxorubicin and Methotrexate Treatment: Comparison to CisplatinLamego, Inês ; Duarte, Iola F. ; Marques, M. Paula M. ; Gil, Ana M. articleopenAccess
1421-Feb-2015A molecular view of cisplatin's mode of action: interplay with DNA bases and acquired resistanceMarques, M. P. M. ; Gianolio, Diego ; Cibin, Giannantonio ; Tomkinson, John ; Parker, Stewart F. ; Valero, Rosendo ; Pedro Lopes, R ; Carvalho, Luís A. E. Batista de articleopenAccess
151-Jan-2013Norspermidine and Novel Pd(II) and Pt(II) Polynuclear Complexes of Norspermidine as Potential Antineoplastic Agents Against Breast CancerSilva, Tânia Magalhães ; Andersson, Sara ; Sukumaran, Sunil Kumar ; Marques, Maria Paula ; Persson, Lo ; Oredsson, Stina articleopenAccess
162012Novel Pt(II) and Pd(II) complexes with polyamine analogues: Synthesis and vibrational analysisSilva, T.M. ; Oredsson, S. ; Persson, L. ; Woster, P. ; Marques, M. P. M. articleopenAccess
172004Phenolic acid derivatives with potential anticancer properties––a structure–activity relationship study. Part 1: Methyl, propyl and octyl esters of caffeic and gallic acidsFiuza, S. M. ; Gomes, C. ; Teixeira, L. J. ; Girão da Cruz, M. T. ; Cordeiro, M. N. D. S. ; Milhazes, N. ; Borges, F. ; Marques, M. P. M. articleopenAccess
182007Phenolic esters with potential anticancer activity - the structural variableMachado, Nelson F. L. ; Calheiros, Rita ; Fiuza, Sónia M. ; Borges, Fernanda ; Gaspar, Alexandra ; Garrido, Jorge ; Marques, M. Paula M. articleopenAccess
192013Polymorphism in Cisplatin Anticancer DrugMarques, M. Paula M. ; Valero, Rosendo ; Parker, Stewart F. ; Tomkinson, John ; Carvalho, Luís A. E. Batista de articleopenAccess
202008Use of Effective Core Potential Calculations for the Conformational and Vibrational Study of Platinum(II) Anticancer Drugs.cis-Diamminedichloroplatinum(II) as a Case StudyFiuza, Sónia M. ; Amado, Ana M. ; Marques, Maria P. M. ; Carvalho, Luís A. E. Batista de articleopenAccess