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2001N* electroproduction amplitudes in a model with dynamical confinementAlberto, P.; Fiolhais, M.; Golli, B.; Marques, J.article???browselist.access???
2004N,N'-Ethylenebis(pyridoxylideneiminato) and N,N'-Ethylenebis(pyridoxylaminato): Synthesis, Characterization, Potentiometric, Spectroscopic, and DFT Studies of Their Vanadium(IV) and Vanadium(V) ComplexesCorreia, Isabel; Pessoa, João Costa; Duarte, M. Teresa; Henriques, Rui T.; Piedade, M. Fátima M.; Veiros, Luís F.; Jakusch, Tamás; Kiss, Tamás; Dörnyei, Ágnes; Castro, M. Margarida C. A.; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C.; Avecilla, Fernandoarticle???browselist.access???
2009N-acyldopamines control striatal input terminals via novel ligand-gated cation channelsFerreira, Samira G.; Lomaglio, Tonia; Avelino, Antonio; Cruz, Francisco; Oliveira, Catarina R.; Cunha, Rodrigo A.; Köfalvi, Attilaarticle???browselist.access???
19-Aug-2005N-Vinyl- and C-Vinylpyrroles from Azafulvenium Methides. Flash Vacuum Pyrolysis Route to 5-Oxo-5H-pyrrolizines and 1-Azabenzo[f]azulenesMelo, Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e; Soares, Maria I. L.; Gonsalves, António M. d'A. Rocha; Paixão, José A.; Beja, Ana Matos; Silva, Manuela Ramosarticle???browselist.access???
2013Na pele de Jornalista inventando Figuras: personagens em génese no Distrito de ÉvoraPeixinho, Ana Teresaarticle???browselist.noaccess???
2001Naloxone inhibits nicotine-induced receptor current and catecholamine secretion in bovine chromaffin cellsTomé, Angelo R.; Izaguirre, Victor; Rosário, Luís M.; Ceña, Valentín; González-García, Carmenarticle???browselist.access???
15-Nov-2013Nanocomposite Ag:TiN thin films for dry biopotential electrodesPedrosa, P.; Machado, D.; Lopes, C.; Alves, E.; Barradas, N. P.; Martin, N.; Macedo, F.; Fonseca, C.; Vaz, F.article???browselist.access???
Jun-2013Nanocrystalline Au:Ag:SnO2 films prepared by pulsed magnetron sputteringReddy, A. Sivasankar; Figueiredo, N. M.; Cavaleiro, A.article???browselist.access???
2002Nanocrystalline structure and hardness of thin filmsCavaleiro, A.; Louro, C.article???browselist.access???
2006Nanoencapsulation I. Methods for preparation of drug-loaded polymeric nanoparticlesReis, Catarina Pinto; Neufeld, Ronald J.; Ribeiro, António J.; Veiga, Franciscoarticle???browselist.access???
2006Nanoencapsulation II. Biomedical applications and current status of peptide and protein nanoparticulate delivery systemsReis, Catarina Pinto; Neufeld, Ronald J.; Ribeiro, António J.; Veiga, Franciscoarticle???browselist.access???
1-Nov-2013Nanoindentation of functionally graded hybrid polymer/metal thin filmsNunes, J.; Piedade, A. P.article???browselist.access???
Jun-2016Nanomedicine Approaches to Modulate Neural Stem Cells in Brain RepairSantos, T.; Boto, C.; Saraiva, C.M.; Bernardino, L.; Ferreira, L.article???browselist.access???
2006Nanometric multilayers: A new approach for joining TiAlRamos, A. S.; Vieira, M. T.; Duarte, L. I.; Vieira, M. F.; Viana, F.; Calinas, R.article???browselist.access???
2008Nanoparticulate biopolymers deliver insulin orally eliciting pharmacological responseReis, Catarina P.; Veiga, Francisco J.; Ribeiro, António J.; Neufeld, Ronald J.; Damgé, Christianearticle???browselist.access???
2007Nanoparticulate delivery system for insulin: Design, characterization and in vitro/in vivo bioactivityReis, Catarina Pinto; Ribeiro, António J.; Houng, Simone; Veiga, Francisco; Neufeld, Ronald J.article???browselist.access???
2005The nanostructure and microstructure of steels: Electrochemical Tafel behaviour and atomic force microscopyAlves, Valéria A.; Paquim, Ana M. Chiorcea; Cavaleiro, Albano; Brett, Christopher M.A.article???browselist.access???
2007Nanostructured coated powders for structural net shape componentsCastanho, J. M.; Vieira, M. T.; Matos, M.; Trindade, B.article???browselist.access???
2005Nanostructured TiC/a-C coatings for low friction and wear resistant applicationsPei, Y. T.; Galvan, D.; Hosson, J. Th. M. De; Cavaleiro, A.article???browselist.access???
2002Nanotecnologia ou a engenharia do futuroFiolhais, Carlos; Trindade, Jorgearticle???browselist.access???