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2017An indicator for the switch from derivative-free to derivative-based optimizationGratton, Serge; Soualmi, Nacer; Vicente, Luís Nunesarticle???browselist.noaccess???
30-Oct-2007Análise e implementação de métodos de pontos interiores primais-duais e filtro para programação não linearSilva, Renata Leitão Dias dadoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
2008Dynamic evolution for risk-neutral densitiesMonteiro, Ana Margarida; Tütüncü, Reha H.; Vicente, Luís Nunespreprint???browselist.access???
2003Error estimates and poisedness in multivariate polynomial interpolationConn, Andrew R.; Scheinberg, Katya; Vicente, Luís Nunespreprint???browselist.access???
28-Apr-2008Estimação de funções de densidade neutras face ao risco através de preços de opçõesMonteiro, Ana Margarida MachadodoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
2005Geometry of sample sets in derivative free optimization. Part II: polynomial regression and underdetermined interpolationConn, Andrew R.; Scheinberg, Katya; Vicente, Luís Nunespreprint???browselist.access???
2006Global convergence of general derivative-free trust-region algorithms to first and second order critical pointsConn, Andrew R.; Scheinberg, Katya; Vicente, Luís Nunespreprint???browselist.access???
2008A globally convergent primal-dual interior-point filter method for nonlinear programming: new filter optimality measures and computational resultsSilva, Renata; Ulbrich, Michael; Ulbrich, Stefan; Vicente, Luís Nunespreprint???browselist.access???
2008Incorporating minimum Frobenius norm models in direct searchCustódio, Ana Luísa; Rocha, Humberto; Vicente, Luís Nunespreprint???browselist.access???
2008Modelling nearby FGK Population I stars: A new form of estimating stellar parameters using an optimization approachFernandes, João Manuel; Vaz, A. Ismael F.; Vicente, Luís Nunespreprint???browselist.access???
2016Trust-Region Methods Without Using Derivatives: Worst Case Complexity and the NonSmooth CaseGarmanjani, Rohollah; Júdice, Diogo; Vicente, Luís Nunesarticle???browselist.access???
9-Dec-2015Trust-Region Methods without using Derivatives: Worst-Case Complexity and the Non-Smooth CaseJúdice, Diogo Corte Real AlarcãodoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
2004Using sampling and simplex derivatives in pattern search methodsCustódio, Ana Luísa; Vicente, Luís Nunespreprint???browselist.access???
2006Using simplex gradients of nonsmooth functions in direct search methodsCustódio, A. L.; Dennis Jr., John E.; Vicente, Luís Nunespreprint???browselist.access???
12-Nov-2014Worst case complexity of direct search under convexityDodangeh, MahdidoctoralThesis???browselist.access???