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13-Feb-2020Advancing tools to promote health equity across European Union regions: the EURO-HEALTHY projectSantana, Paula ; Freitas, Ângela ; Stefanik, Iwa; Costa, Cláudia ; Oliveira, Mónica; Rodrigues, Teresa C. ; Vieira, Ana; Ferreira, Pedro Lopes ; Borrell, Carme ; Dimitroulopoulou, Sani; Rican, Stéphane; Mitsakou, Christina; Marí-Dell’Olmo, Marc ; Schweikart, Jürgen; Corman, Diana; Costa, Carlos A. Bana e; Grupo EURO-HEALTH InvestigatorsarticleopenAccess
25-Jun-2019Scenarios for population health inequalities in 2030 in Europe: the EURO-HEALTHY project experienceAlvarenga, António; Costa, Carlos A. Bana e; Borrell, Carme ; Ferreira, Pedro Lopes ; Freitas, Ângela Mendes ; Freitas, Liliana; Oliveira, Mónica D.; Rodrigues, Teresa C. ; Rodrigues, Ana Paula Santana ; Santos, Maria Lopes; Vieira, Ana C. L.articleopenAccess