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22-Jun-2021An Effective Field Theory Analysis of the First LUX Dark Matter SearchAkerib, D. S. ; Alsum, S.; Araújo, H. M.; Bai, X.; Balajthy, J.; Baxter, A.; Bernard, E. P.; Bernstein, A.; Biesiadzinski, T. P.; Boulton, E. M.; B. Boxer, B.; Brás, P.; Manalaysay, A.; Marangou, N.; McKinsey, D. N.; Mei, D.-M.; M. Moongweluwan, M.; Morad, J. A.; Murphy, A. St. J. ; Naylor, A.; Nehrkorn, C. ; Nelson, H. N. ; Neves, F.; Nilima, A.; Oliver-Mallory, K. C.; Palladino, K. J.; Pease, E. K. ; Riffard, Q.; Rischbieter, G. R. C.; Rhyne, C.; Rossiter, P.; Shaw, S.; Shutt, T. A. ; Silva, C. ; et al.articleopenAccess
22-Sep-2021Collective conceptualization of parental support of dual career athletes: The EMPATIA frameworkVarga, Kinga; MacDonncha, Ciaran; Blondel, Laurence; Bozzano, Enrico; Burlot, Fabrice; Costa, Rute; Debois, Nadine; Figueiredo, António ; Gonçalves, Carlos ; et al.articleopenAccess
27-Jun-2019Development of a Healthy Lifestyle Assessment Toolkit for the General PublicReis, Flávio; Sá-Moura, Bebiana; Guardado, Diana; Couceiro, Patrícia; Catarino, Luís; Mota-Pinto, Anabela; Veríssimo, Manuel T.; et al.articleopenAccess
Dec-2016Scientific discovery and its role in sports scienceFoster, Carl; Anholm, James D.; Best, Thomas; Boullosa, Daniel A.; Cress, Maria L.; Koning, J. de; Gonçalves, C. E.; et al.articleopenAccess
20-Jan-2021Understanding the educational needs of parenting athletes involved in sport and education: The parents' viewGjaka, Masar; Tessitore, Antonio; Blondel, Laurence; Bozzano, Enrico; Burlot, Fabrice; Debois, Nadine; Delon, Dominique; et al.articleclosedAccess