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Dec-2020Development of a 96-well based assay for kinetic determination of catalase enzymatic-activity in biological samplesGrilo, Luís F; Martins, João D ; Cavallaro, Chiara H; Nathanielsz, Peter W ; Oliveira, Paulo J; Pereira, Susana ParticleopenAccess
1-Oct-2021Improving pollutants environmental risk assessment using a multi model toxicity determination with in vitro, bacterial, animal and plant model systems: The case of the herbicide alachlorPereira, Susana P; Santos, Sandra M. A. ; Fernandes, Maria A. S. ; Deus, Cláudia M ; Martins, João D ; Pedroso de Lima, Maria C; Vicente, Joaquim A. F. ; Videira, Romeu António ; Jurado, Maria Amália da Silva articleopenAccess
Oct-2021Metabolic Disease Programming: From Mitochondria to Epigenetics, Glucocorticoid Signalling and BeyondGrilo, Luís F; Tocantins, Carolina; Diniz, Mariana S; Gomes, Rodrigo Mello; Oliveira, Paulo J; Matafome, Paulo Nuno Centeio ; Pereira, Susana ParticleopenAccess
2020P-cadherin induces anoikis-resistance of matrix-detached breast cancer cells by promoting pentose phosphate pathway and decreasing oxidative stressSousa, Bárbara; Pereira, Joana; Marques, Ricardo; Grilo, Luís F; Pereira, Susana P; Oliveira, Vilma Marisa Arrojado Soares Sardão ; Schmitt, Fernando ; Oliveira, Paulo J; Paredes, Joana Cancela de Amorim Falcão articleopenAccess
25-Jun-2021The Alterations of Mitochondrial Function during NAFLD Progression-An Independent Effect of Mitochondrial ROS ProductionSimões, Inês C M; Amorim, Ricardo ; Teixeira, José; Karkucinska-Wieckowska, Agnieszka; Carvalho, Adriana; Pereira, Susana P; Simões, Rui F. ; Szymanska, Sylwia; Dąbrowski, Michał; Janikiewicz, Justyna; Dobrzyń, Agnieszka; Oliveira, Paulo J; Potes, Yaiza; Wieckowski, Mariusz R. articleopenAccess
Jul-2022The birth of cardiac disease: Mechanisms linking gestational diabetes mellitus and early onset of cardiovascular disease in offspringTocantins, Carolina; Diniz, Mariana S; Grilo, Luís F; Pereira, Susana ParticleopenAccess