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2020Genetic influence on football performance - a systematic reviewSarmento, Hugo ; Marques, Adilson; Field, Adam; Martins, João; Gouveia, Élvio; Prieto Mondragón, Laura; Ordoñez Saavedra, Nestor; Rodríguez, Diego; Clemente, Filipe Manuel articleopenAccess
2021Joint Channel Estimation and Synchronization Techniques for Time-Interleaved Block-Windowed Burst OFDMMartins, João; Conceição, Filipe ; Gomes, Marco ; Silva, Vitor ; Dinis, Rui articleopenAccess
2022Participation in Physical Education Classes and Health-Related Behaviours among Adolescents from 67 CountriesMartins, João; Marques, Adilson; Gouveia, Elvio Rúbio ; Carvalho, Francisco ; Sarmento, Hugo ; Valeiro, Miguel GonzálezarticleopenAccess
9-Jul-2020The value of choroidal thickness in diabetic macular oedema is contradictoryCampos, António; Campos, Elisa J. ; Martins, João; Ambrósio, António Francisco ; Silva, Rufino articleopenAccess