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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12-Mar-2020Clinical validation of a graphical method for radiation therapy plan quality assessmentVentura, Tiago ; Dias, Joana; Khouri, Leila ; Netto, Eduardo; Soares, André; Ferreira, Brígida da Costa ; Rocha, Humberto ; Lopes, Maria do Carmo articleopenAccess
2020Comparison of Different Strategies for Arc Therapy OptimizationRocha, Humberto ; Dias, Joana; Carrasqueira, Pedro; Ventura, Tiago ; Ferreira, Brígida da Costa ; Lopes, Maria do Carmo bookPartopenAccess
Dec-2021Comparison of non-coplanar optimization of static beams and arc trajectories for intensity-modulated treatments of meningioma casesVentura, Tiago ; Rocha, Humberto ; da Costa Ferreira, Brigida; Dias, Joana; do Carmo Lopes, MariaarticleopenAccess
2020Dose-Response to Different Radiochemotherapy Regimens in Locally Advanced Pancreatic CancerFerreira, Brígida C. ; Dias, Joana; Gomes, Adriana; Mavroidis, Panayiotis ; Rocha, Humberto bookPartopenAccess
Oct-2019Fleet management: A vehicle and driver assignment modelMonnerat, Filipe; Dias, Joana; Alves, Maria João articleembargoedAccess
2018A Heuristic Based on Fuzzy Inference Systems for Multiobjective IMRT Treatment PlanningDias, Joana; Rocha, Humberto ; Ventura, Tiago ; Ferreira, Brígida ; Lopes, Maria do Carmo bookPartopenAccess
2019Incorporating the Local Biological Effect of Dose Per Fraction in IMRT Inverse OptimizationFerreira, Brígida da Costa ; Mavroidis, Panayiotis ; Dias, Joana; Rocha, Humberto bookPartopenAccess
2021Learning target-based preferences through additive models: An application in radiotherapy treatment planningDias, Luis C.; Dias, Joana; Ventura, Tiago ; Rocha, Humberto ; Ferreira, Brígida da Costa ; Khouri, Leila ; Lopes, Maria do Carmo Carrilho Calado Antunes articleopenAccess
23-Mar-2022Modelos de localização de meios de socorro pré-hospitalarNelas, José Carlos Galvão BaptistadoctoralThesisopenAccess
2021A Randomized Direct-Search Approach for Beam Angle Optimization in Intensity-Modulated Proton TherapyRocha, Humberto ; Dias, JoanabookPartembargoedAccess