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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2010Sovereign PracticesBarrinha, André reviewopenAccess
2014The Ambitious Insulator: Revisiting Turkey's Position in Regional Security Complex TheoryBarrinha, André articleopenAccess
Jan-2008The Copenhagen School in US-­Turkey relations : the 'War on Terror' in Northern IraqBarrinha, André workingPaperopenAccess
Sep-2014The discursive articulation of the concept of the "rising power": perceptions, stances and interests in Brazil, Russia and TurkeySimão, Licínia ; Barrinha, André ; Nasser, Reginaldo ; Cravo, Teresa Almeida reportopenAccess
2017The EU as a Coherent (Cyber)Security Actor?Carrapiço, Helena ; Barrinha, André articleopenAccess
2006The EU Enlargement Process as a Peace Promotion Instrument: The Kurdish conflict in TurkeyBarrinha, André bookPartopenAccess
2008The European Union in Turkey: aligning security perceptions?Barrinha, André bookPartopenAccess
2011The political importance of labelling: terrorism and Turkey's discourse on the PKKBarrinha, André articleopenAccess
2008Towards a global dimension: EU’s conflict management in the neighborhood and beyondBarrinha, André bookopenAccess
Mar-2006Os turcos e a EuropaBarrinha, André reviewopenAccess
2011TurquiaBarrinha, André bookPartopenAccess
Dec-2014A Turquia de Erdogan: o início do fim ou somente o fim do início?Bastos, Laura ; Barrinha, André articleopenAccess
2013A Turquia e a Europa: um ano estranhoBarrinha, André ; Bastos, Laura articleopenAccess
Mar-2009A Turquia e a ilusão do Médio OrienteBarrinha, André articleopenAccess
2012A Turquia e a Primavera ÁrabeBarrinha, André articleopenAccess
Jun-2007A União Europeia e a Turquia: ambiguidades e indefinições para a Presidência portuguesaLeitão, Augusto Rogério ; Barrinha, André articleopenAccess
2006União Europeia, Estados Unidos e o conflito curdo na TurquiaBarrinha, André bookPartopenAccess
2017Visibility and politics: an Arendtian reading of the US drone policyMota, Sarah da ; Barrinha, André articleopenAccess