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2019Assessment of agroforestry residues: their potential within the biorefinery contextGaspar, M. C. ; Mendes, C. V. T.; Pinela, S. R.; Moreira, R.; Carvalho, M. G. V. S.; Quina, M .J. ; Braga, Mara Elga Medeiros ; Portugal, A. T.articleopenAccess
23-Mar-2021Biodegradable film production from agroforestry and fishery residues with active compoundsGaspar, Marisa C. ; Leocádio, João ; Mendes, Cátia V. T. ; Cardeira, Martim; Fernández, Naiara; Matias, Ana; Carvalho, Maria G. V. S. ; Braga, Mara E. M. articleembargoedAccess
2019Development of levofloxacin-loaded PLGA microspheres of suitable properties for sustained pulmonary releaseGaspar, Marisa C. ; Pais, Alberto A. C. C. ; Sousa, João J. S. ; Brillaut, Julien; Olivier, Jean-ChristophearticleembargoedAccess
2020Environmentally-safe scCO2 P. pinaster branches extracts: Composition and propertiesGaspar, Marisa C. ; Sousa, Hermínio C. de ; Seabra, Inês J. ; Braga, Mara E. M. articleembargoedAccess
2020Impact of the pinewood nematode on naturally-emitted volatiles and scCO2 extracts from Pinus pinaster branches: a comparison with P. pineaGaspar, M. C. ; Agostinho, B.; Fonseca, L.; Abrantes, I. ; Sousa, H. C. de ; Braga, M. E. M. articleembargoedAccess
2013New Treatment Approaches of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection in Cystic Fibrosis Lung DiseaseGaspar, Marisa da Costa ; Pais, Alberto António Caria Canelas ; Sousa, João José Simões de articleopenAccess
2015Optimization of levofloxacin-loaded crosslinked chitosan microspheres for inhaled aerosol therapyGaspar, M. C. ; Sousa, João José Martins Simões ; Pais, Alberto António Caria Canelas ; Cardoso, O. M. ; Murtinho, Dina Maria Bairrada ; Serra, M. E. S. ; Tewes, F.; Olivier, J.-C.articleopenAccess
2017Polyphenolic characterisation and bioactivity of an Oxalis pes-caprae L. leaf extractGaspar, Marisa Costa ; Fonseca, Diogo A.; Antunes, Manuel J. ; Frigerio, Christian; Gomes, Nelson G. M.; Vieira, M.; Santos, Armanda E. ; Cruz, Maria T.; Cotrim, Maria D. ; Campos, Maria G. articleopenAccess
2013Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in cystic fibrosis lung disease and new perspectives of treatment: A reviewGaspar, M. C. ; Couet, W.; Olivier, J.-C.; Pais, A. A. C. C. ; Sousa, J. J. S. articleopenAccess
2016Pulmonary pharmacokinetics of levofloxacin in rats after aerosolization of immediate-release chitosan or sustained-release PLGA microspheresGaspar, M. C. ; Grégoire, N.; Sousa, João J. S. ; Pais, Alberto A. C. C. ; Lamarche, I.; Gobin, P.; Olivier, J.-C.; Marchand, S.; Couet, W.articleopenAccess
27-Jul-2016Pulmonary targeting and biopharmaceutical evaluation of levofloxacin administered as innovative microsphere aerosolsGaspar, Marisa da Costa doctoralThesisopenAccess