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Jun-2020Book review of A research agenda for creative tourismCastro, Tiago Vinagre reviewopenAccess
2020Connecting to place through creative tourismBakas, Fiona Eva ; Duxbury, Nancy ; Silva, Sílvia ; Castro, Tiago Vinagre de bookPartopenAccess
2018Creative tourism development in small cities and rural areas in Portugal: Insights from start-up activitiesDuxbury, Nancy ; Silva, Silvia ; Castro, Tiago Vinagre de bookPartopenAccess
2018Creative tourism: Catalysing artisan entrepreneur networks in rural PortugalBakas, Fiona Eva ; Duxbury, Nancy ; Castro, Tiago Vinagre de articleopenAccess
Jul-2020Turismo regenerativoDuxbury, Nancy ; Bakas, Fiona ; Castro, Tiago Vinagre ; Silva, Sílvia otheropenAccess