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Feb-20132-Bromo-5-hydroxyphenylporphyrins for photodynamic therapy: photosensitization efficiency, subcellular localization and in vivo studiesLaranjo, Mafalda ; Serra, Arménio C. ; Abrantes, Margarida ; Piñeiro, Marta ; Gonçalves, Ana C. ; Casalta-Lopes, João ; Carvalho, Lina ; Sarmento-Ribeiro, Ana B. ; Rocha-Gonsalves, António ; Botelho, Filomena articleopenAccess
2-Jan-2022Anti-Inflammatory and Antiproliferative Properties of Sweet Cherry Phenolic-Rich ExtractsGonçalves, Ana C. ; Costa, Ana R. ; Flores-Félix, José D.; Falcão, Amílcar ; Alves, Gilberto ; Silva, Luís R.articleopenAccess
2022Evaluation of Raw Cheese as a Novel Source of Biofertilizer with a High Level of Biosecurity for BlueberryNunes, Ana R. ; Sánchez-Juanes, Fernando; Gonçalves, Ana C ; Alves, Gilberto Lourenço ; Silva, Luís R.; Flores-Félix, José DavidarticleopenAccess
2021Prunus avium L. (Sweet Cherry) By-Products: A Source of Phenolic Compounds with Antioxidant and Anti-Hyperglycemic Properties—A ReviewNunes, Ana R. ; Gonçalves, Ana C. ; Falcão, Amílcar ; Alves, Gilberto ; Silva, Luís R.articleopenAccess