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2015Data pre-processing using an FPGA by binning gamma ray energies and forwarding consolidated spectra dataFernandes, Ana ; Pereira, Rita C. ; Neto, André C. ; Sousa, Jorge ; Carvalho, Bernardo B. ; Kiptily, Vasily ; Correia, Carlos M.B.A. ; Gonçalves, Bruno articleopenAccess
2016FPGA Remote Update for Nuclear EnvironmentsFernandes, Ana ; Pereira, Rita C. ; Sousa, Jorge ; Carvalho, Paulo F. ; Correia, Miguel ; Rodrigues, Antonio P. ; Carvalho, Bernardo B. ; Correia, Carlos M. B. A. ; Goncalves, Bruno articleopenAccess
Nov-2014Helicobacter pylori antimicrobial resistance rates in the central region of PortugalAlmeida, N ; Romãozinho, J M ; Donato, M M ; Luxo, C ; Cardoso, O ; Cipriano, M A ; Marinho, C ; Fernandes, A ; Calhau, C ; Sofia, C articleopenAccess
2015PCI express hotplug implementation for ATCA based instrumentationCarvalho, Paulo F. ; Santos, Bruno ; Correia, Miguel ; Combo, Álvaro M. ; Rodrigues, António P. ; Pereira, Rita C. ; Fernandes, Ana ; Cruz, Nuno ; Sousa, Jorge ; Carvalho, Bernardo B. ; Batista, António J.N. ; Correia, Carlos M.B.A. ; Gonçalves, Bruno articleopenAccess
2013Ultra high-frequency data acquisition AMC module for high performance applicationsPereira, R.C. ; Combo, A. ; Correia, M. ; Rodrigues, A.P. ; Fernandes, A. ; Sousa, J. ; Correia, C.M.B.A. ; Gonçalves, B. ; Varandas, C.A.F. articleopenAccess
Sep-2012Zinc(II) phthalocyanines immobilized in mesoporous silica Al-MCM-41 and their applications in photocatalytic degradation of pesticidesSilva, M. ; Calvete, M. J. F. ; Gonçalves, N. P. F. ; Burrows, H. D. ; Sarakha, M. ; Fernandes, A. ; Ribeiro, M. F. ; Azenha, M. E ; Pereira, M. M. articleopenAccess