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1998Charged metal clusters : atomistic versus continuous background continuous descriptionsNogueira, Fernando ; Vieira, Armando ; Brajczewska, Marta ; Fiolhais, Carlos conferenceObjectopenAccess
2015Ciência e tecnologia em Portugal : métricas e impacto (1995-2011)Vieira, Armando ; Fiolhais, Carlos bookopenAccess
1997Comparison of the spherically averaged pseudopotential model with the stabilized jellium modelVieira, Armando ; Begoña Torres, M. ; Fiolhais, Carlos ; Carlos Balbás, L. articleopenAccess
1994Compression of metallic clusters in the stabilized jellium modelBrajczewska, Marta ; Fiolhais, Carlos ; Vieira, Armando ; Perdew, John P. conferenceObjectopenAccess
1995Decay of charged stabilized jellium clustersVieira, Armando ; Brajczewska, Marta ; Fiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess
1996Fission of metallic clustersFiolhais, Carlos ; Vieira, Armando conferenceObjectopenAccess
9-Sep-1996Fission of metallic clusters in the liquid drop modelVieira, Armando ; Fiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess
1998On the ternary fission of atomic clustersKarpeshin, F. F. ; Vieira, Armando ; Fiolhais, Carlos ; Providência Jr., João articleopenAccess
1996Self-expansion and compression of charged clusters of stabilized jelliumVieira, Armando ; Fiolhais, Carlos ; Brajczewska, Marta ; Perdew, John P. articleopenAccess
Mar-1998Shell effects on fission barriers of metallic clusters : a systematic descriptionVieira, Armando ; Fiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess
1996The two-centre shell model for the fission of metallic clustersVieira, Armando ; Fiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess
2003A training algorithm for classification of high-dimensional dataVieira, Armando ; Barradas, Nuno articleopenAccess
1996Volume shift and charge instability of simple-metal clustersBrajczewska, Marta ; Vieira, Armando ; Fiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess