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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1998“Antecipação Genética nos Distúrbios Psicóticos Maiores - Uma Investigação no Distúrbio Afectivo Bipolar“.Santos, António João Ferreira de Macedo e doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
2016Assessing Stress-Induced Sleep Reactivity in College Students: The European Portuguese Version of the Ford Insomnia Response to Stress Test (FIRST)Marques, Daniel Ruivo ; Gomes, Ana Allen ; Drake, Christopher Lawrence ; Roth, Thomas ; Azevedo, Maria Helena Pinto de articleopenAccess
2004Association between schizophrenia and the syntaxin 1A geneWong, Albert H. C. ; Trakalo, Joseph ; Likhodi, Olga ; Yusuf, Muneeb ; Macedo, António ; Azevedo, Maria-Helena ; Klempan, Tim ; Pato, Michele T. ; Honer, William G. ; Pato, Carlos N. ; Van Tol, Hubert H. M. ; Kennedy, James L. articleopenAccess
2015Basic Scale on Insomnia complaints and Quality of Sleep (BaSIQS): Reliability, initial validity and normative scores in higher education studentsGomes, Ana Allen ; Ruivo Marques, Daniel ; Meia-Via, Ana Maria ; Meia-Via, Mariana ; Tavares, José ; Silva, Carlos Fernandes da ; Azevedo, Maria Helena Pinto de articleopenAccess
30-Apr-2009The BDI-II factor structure in pregnancy and postpartum: Two or three factors?Bos, Sandra Carvalho ; Pereira, Ana Telma ; Marques, Mariana ; Maia, Berta ; Soares, Maria João ; Valente, José ; Gomes, Ana ; Macedo, António ; Azevedo, Maria Helena articleopenAccess
2017Circadian preferences in young adults: Psychometric properties and factor structure of the Portuguese version of the Preferences Scale (PS-6)Marques, Daniel Ruivo ; Gomes, Ana Allen ; Di Milia, Lee ; Azevedo, Maria Helena Pinto de articleopenAccess
2014Comportamento alimentar sono e fatores psicossociaisFerreira, Lara Ortins masterThesisopenAccess
2017Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Portuguese Version of the Arousal Predisposition ScaleMarques, Daniel Ruivo ; Gomes, Ana Allen ; Azevedo, Maria Helena Pinto de articleembargoedAccess
2016Don't worry, sleep well: predictors of sleep loss over worryMarques, Daniel Ruivo ; Gomes, Ana Allen ; Ferreira, Manuela Frederico ; Azevedo, Maria Helena Pinto de articleopenAccess
2017DSPS-4: a Brief Measure of Perceived Daytime SleepinessMarques, Daniel Ruivo ; Gomes, Ana Allen ; Azevedo, Maria Helena Pinto de articleopenAccess
Jan-2011Duração do sono, comportamentos alimentares e índice de massa corporal em estudantes universitáriosLopes, Maria de Castro Horta masterThesisopenAccess
2001Evidence for linkage disequilibrium between the alpha 7-nicotinic receptor gene (CHRNA7) locus and schizophrenia in Azorean familiesXu, Junzhe ; Pato, Michele T. ; Torre, Camille Dalla ; Medeiros, Helena ; Carvalho, Célia ; Basile, Vincenzo S. ; Bauer, Amy ; Dourado, Ana ; Valente, José ; Soares, Maria João ; Macedo, António A. ; Coelho, Isabel ; Ferreira, Carlos Paz ; Azevedo, M. Helena ; Macciardi, Fabio ; Kennedy, James L. ; Pato, Carlos N. articleopenAccess
28-Feb-2012Factores de Risco da Depressão Pós-Parto: Uma Abordagem MultidimensionalMarques, Mariana Vaz Pires doctoralThesisopenAccess
2005Gene expression analysis of peripheral blood leukocytes from discordant sib-pairs with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder reveals points of convergence between genetic and functional genomic approachesMiddleton, Frank A. ; Pato, Carlos N. ; Gentile, Karen L. ; McGann, Lindsay ; Brown, Andrea M. ; Trauzzi, Marco ; Diab, Heba ; Morley, Christopher P. ; Medeiros, Helena ; Macedo, António ; Azevedo, M. Helena ; Pato, Michele T. articleopenAccess
2005Genetic linkage of bipolar disorder to chromosome 6q22 is a consistent finding in Portuguese subpopulations and may generalize to broader populationsPato, Carlos N. ; Middleton, Frank A. ; Gentile, Karen L. ; Morley, Christopher P. ; Medeiros, Helena ; Macedo, António ; Azevedo, M. Helena ; Pato, Michele T. articleopenAccess
2004Genome-wide scan in Portuguese Island families implicates multiple loci in bipolar disorder: Fine mapping adds support on chromosomes 6 and 11Pato, Carlos N. ; Pato, M. T. ; Kirby, A. ; Petryshen, T. L. ; Medeiros, H. ; Carvalho, C. ; Macedo, A. ; Dourado, A. ; Coelho, I. ; Valente, J. ; Soares, M. J. ; Ferreira, C. P. ; Lei, M. ; Verner, A. ; Hudson, T. J. ; Morley, C. P. ; Kennedy, J. L. ; Azevedo, M. H. ; Daly, M. J. ; Sklar, P. articleopenAccess
2013Is Positive Affect in Pregnancy Protective of Postpartum Depression?Bos, Sandra Carvalho ; Macedo, António ; Marques, Mariana ; Pereira, Ana Telma ; Maia, Berta Rodrigues ; Soares, Maria João ; Valente, José ; Gomes, Ana Allen ; Azevedo, Maria Helena articleopenAccess
Jan-2005A linkage study between the GABAA beta2 and GABAA gamma2 subunit genes and major psychosesAmbrósio, Alda M. ; Kennedy, James L. ; Macciardi, Fabio ; King, Nicole ; Azevedo, Maria H. ; Oliveira, Catarina R. ; Pato, Carlos N. articleopenAccess
2000Long repeat tracts at SCA8 in major psychosisVincent, John B. ; Yuan, Qiu-Ping ; Schalling, Martin ; Adolfsson, R ; Azevedo, M. Helena ; Macedo, António ; Bauer, Amy ; DallaTorre, Camille ; Medeiros, Helena M. ; Pato, Michele T. ; Pato, Carlos N. ; Bowen, Timothy ; Guy, Carol A. ; Owen, Michael J. ; O'Donovan, Michael C. ; Paterson, Andrew D. ; Petronis, Arturas ; Kennedy, James L. articleopenAccess
2014Não se preocupe, durma bem!Soares, Catarina Alexandra Pereira masterThesisopenAccess