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2015Estratégias de Mindfulness na abordagem do doente com Dor CrónicaLapa, Teresa ; Carvalho, Sérgio ; Viana, Joaquim ; Pinto-Gouveia, José articleopenAccess
1-Jan-2017Psychological distress, burnout and personality traits in Dutch anaesthesiologists – CorrespondenceLapa, Teresa ; Carvalho, Sérgio ; Pinto-Gouveia, José articleopenAccess
1-Nov-2016Stressors in anaesthetists - development and validation of a new questionnaire: A cross-sectional study of Portuguese anaesthesiologistsLapa, Teresa ; Carvalho, Sérgio ; Viana, Joaquim ; Ferreira, Pedro ; Pinto-Gouveia, José articleopenAccess